About Me...

From rock bottom to Igniting Light and Love everywhere I go!
It seems ages ago now but it really wasn't that long ago that I was in a very different place than I am now. In 2012 I was in a very negative place. It seemed nothing in my life was going my way. I had made choices that went against what I believed and this added too negative state of mind. Try as I might, I just could not seem to get out of it. Everything I thought and everything I said was negative. It just seemed to flow out of me. I felt out of control and didn't know what to do about it. 

Hi Friend! 
My name is Tammy Hawksworth. I am a wife to Troy, my hero husband (I will share more about why he is my hero another time), a mother to six amazing children- two boys & four girls, one is adult special needs with something called Cri Du Chat syndrome, a grandmother to six energetic grandbabies (although none are babies anymore) - three boys and three girls, also I am a wellness advocate, faith based intuitive mentor a certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner.


I found my way out of the dark abyss I was in and I never want to see me or anyone else get to that place or worse. 

I have found a number of things that have heled me turn around and get moving on a path to a life a love and enjoy waking up to each day!

I now share what I have used to help me, with others, to help others

A little history, I had two failed marriages, I was a wanna be stay at home mom that now felt I had to work outside the home to make ends meet, having a special needs child, I believed I needed to be home for, and  my now hubby, had and still has, off the charts chronic pain and a brain injury that resulted in short term memory loss from an accident from almost 20 years ago. I felt I had to constantly be a broken record, repeating everything I said either to my daughter or my hubby. 
Add this to my negative mindset and it was not a fun place.

Then one day in my kitchen, an interesting thing happened, I dropped something and made a mess on the floor. One of my children came in and said "you're a bad mom!" On any other day, this wouldn't have phased me but this was from a child who normally never said anything like that and it made me do a double take and really think about it. "was I a bad mom?" I only ever wanted to be the best mom I could be. I grew up just wanting to be a" mom", so after a brief moment, I responded with " I'm not a bad mom because I spilled something." "I'm a great mom, I care about your well being, I teach you right from wrong, and I love you, that makes me a great mom"

Little did I know that those words would be a key to changing something in me that set me on the path to getting out of my negativity and my deep dark abyss.
I was using affirmations! I didn't know it at the time, but I was. I have since learned that our words we think and our words we speak have far more power than most people ever  realize.

Then, as life does, when we shift gears,  I  was introduced to some online training that helped me learn more tools to help me get back on track. And shortly after that I was beginning to be introduced to essential oils. Again, little did I know how huge a benefit these would be in helping the tools I was learning, take effect in record time.
I now spend my time sharing these tools and these oils with anyone desiring to improve their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness, because when you shift gears and change your path and change your direction, you change your outcomes and your life!

I have an interesting household, where there is rarely a dull moment, and when you go from being a couch potato, and not able to get energy to do pretty much anything- to being motivated to accomplish anything I set my mind to, I just can't keep that to myself. 
The changes for good in my life and the goals I am achieving are due to these things I am using daily.
If you desire  to know more, then stay tuned, I have so much more to share!

Some of My Accomplishments

Just a few things I have done ...
I am reaching my goals, and I CAN help you reach yours!
  • was a seamstress
  • worked in retail
  • owned and operated a scrapbooking store and studio
  • taught scrapbooking and cardmaking classes
  • presented in public and enjoyed it
  • worked in personal caregiving for 5 years
  • held various positions within my church
  • served on a non-profit board
  • completed with honours Graphic Design and web Page Development
  • worked as website designer
  • learned level 1 sign language
  • trained in level 1 Therapeutic Touch
  • A DIYselfer at heart
  • experienced, natural, breach, forceps and epidural deliveries of 6 children
  • healed my IBS syndrome using natural methods
  • worked as a balloon events decorator and artist
  • Served as face painter
  • learned to drive a standard vehicle at age 42
  • Host and Co-Host rooms on Clubhouse(2021) @welloiledlife
  • flew to and from Toronto by myself (2019) for On The Grow
  • Got to sit in the plane's cockpit/pilot seat(asked for a picture of the pilot and was offered to sit in his seat)
  • Masterful student of Sacred Body Language Translations and Conscious Language
  • Attended via broadcast the final Hill Cumorah Pageant(July 2021)
  • Wrote my first book, Putting On My Armor of God August 2021, Published September 16, 2021
  • Wrote and published three books in two months (aug2021-oct2021)
  • Created course to help others self publish(oct2021)
  • was a receptionist
  • have taken bookkeeping
  • enjoying doing online live demonstrations and presentations
  • created two audio recordings with more on the way
  • I swam with and was lifted out of the water by dolphins
  • I enjoy canoeing, kayaking, sea doing and other water fun activities
  • Collected and deposited over 25, 000 in one month(2020)
  • Had over 200,000 cash in my bank account before investing(2020)
  • I have paid of my mortgage in full(2020)
  • I am financially free(2020)
  • I enjoy doing home renovations
  • I completed successfully the following 3KE programs; The Art of Mentoring(2020), Present Yourself(2020), The LaunchCertification(July 2020), Intuitive Mentoring Certification (Dec 2020), Go Verticle (2020), Royalty and Romance (2020), BreakFree Intensive (2020), Queen of the Kingdom (2020), Energy Rich Life (2020), Vision Board Training certification(2020), My Destiny (2018), 
  • Complete Life on Purpose training, Overwhelmed to Organized(2018), and Clutter Bustin'(2018-2020)
  • Currently Taking Home Based Revolution(2020-present)
  • Send out monthly newsletter for my church (2014-present)
  • Created Time Masters online free challenge(2020)
  • Created Time Masters Course(2021)
  • Certified as an Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner (March 12, 2021)
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Facilitator training for My Word Made Flesh(2021)
  • Host for three rooms on Clubhouse, Aroma Reset, Aroma Blessed and Understanding Common Body Signals(2021)
  • Masterful student of Sacred Body Language Translations(2021)
On My Bucket List
some things I still plan to accomplish...
  • have online course to help people reach their goals(Oct 2021)
  • have multiple income streams(Nov 2021)
  • visit Japan
  • be a paid presenter
  • become certified in The Raindrop technique( began training Nov 2021)(Certified August 3, 2022)
  • have my home fully organized and maintain order
  • build my dream home, that is self sufficient
  • build my cottage by the ocean so I can walk on my beach each morning and evening
  • to have my eternal family
  • to master QiGong
  • to visit every temple
  • write a book or two!(or more)(Yes -Aug-Oct2021=3 books) 7 more in progress
  • create a program that empowers our youth worldwide
  • to visit Paris
  • to visit Germany
  • to master Tai Chi
  • learn to fly a plane
  • fly in a helicopter
  • hire my regular gardener
  • hire my regular cleaning service
  • build my healing facility; the Joshua Slauenwhite Health & Wellness center
  • be my Royal Crown Diamond
  • be physically fit, trim, toned, slim, thin and healthy 
  • build a facility for special needs children and adults that actually helps them achieve their highest potential
  • keep breaking through my walls, until there are no longer walls to break through!

My Purpose

To not just to listen, but to HEAR.
To not just to look, but to SEE.
To not just know, but to UNDERSTAND.
To not just educate, but to MOVE TO ACTION.

Are you ready to set and reach your goals?
Are your ready for activating your sense-abilities?
Then let's get going on this,
You are Ready!
I help people like you, find out what is holding you back
and help you quickly let that go so you can
quickly and easily move forward with your goal.

Personal one on one mentoring with me can help.
*I can see what is in your way, and help you know
what tools to use in overcoming your walls
* I can hear word patterns being used
and indicate and area for a strength returning
and help with word upgrades
*I can see body responses showing a hold back
and help you clear and restore blessing
simply waiting for your acceptance

Invest in your success today!

YOU         +         MENTOR         =         SUCCESS!