My Courses!
For activating your Sense-abilities!
"...that thou mayest Prosper 
withersoever thou goest."
Joshua 1: 7
Courses currently available!
       Word Power Webinar         
In this webinar discover how power our
words are and how simple
shifts in word choice can create 
completley different outcomes

From Canva to KDP
    In this course discover how easy it is for you to create  and publish your own book
using the very processes I used to publish
3 books in two months in 2021!


Vision Boarding 
3 session Webinar

In this series, discover how to create your
vision board, how to use successfully
and how to overcome obstacle.

In this training you will undestand
what your priorities are, how to schedule
based on them. How to schedule
using time blocking and more!

Prosperity in 7 Steps
Coming Soon!!


"...for then thou shalt make thy way
prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success"
Joshua 1:8

Challenges currently available!
These challenges may include videos, worksheets in a Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support.


Check out this FREE challenge!

Can 2 weeks of a morning journaling routine empower you for your day?

Join the challenge and find out!

This challenge took place Jan 31- Feb 11, 2022
It is evergreen so you can begin your self love journey when you are ready.
Join NOW and begin your self LOVE journey today!
(In the Guides Section)

Previous Class Recordings!
Activate Your Sense~Abilites class 
took place on January 17, 2022. 
Enjoy your recording here!

Co-Hosted with Tashena Gonzales. Tashena has provided the Spanish translation of "Little with BIG Feelings", which is introduced here in this class.

Ready to grab your copy click here!


Do you feel like you are being pulled in different directions? 

Do you struggle knowing which direction to go?
Check out today's PODcast to see how you may actually be out of alignment and discover how to get in alignment.

We will also do a quick reset to get you quickly back on track

Are you ready to move get your ducks in a row?

This recording took place February 15, 2022, Enjoy!


Do you stuff, hide or ignore your emotions?
Are you ready to flow them instead?

Check out The Feelings Kit Protocol Class Webinar
(took place on April 12, 2022. )

Also available is your printable Playbook to flow through this process for the recommended 30 days
You can also get your set of BONUS Flip Cards for Fun & Easy reference,when flowing through your protocol.

Discover this gentle way for processing and flowing your emotions here.

When you think of Emotional Release do you imagine intense crying? maybe your imagine yelling or angry outbursts.
Maybe you have perpetually hidden or stuffed your emotions to avoid possible judgment from others.
Emotional Release is a healthy and normal process for feeling, processing, flowing and letting go of emotions as they come up. 
When we choose to hide, stuff or ignore our emotions as they COME UP, they them get stored and become a trigger point. 

Do you ever get "TRIGGERED"?

Discover what getting triggered is and how to handle them.

This class took place June 14, 2022

If you would like to discover how to Release your Emotions and how to make it easier, then check out this class.

Check out this month's FREE Class!
Most months, I host a FREE class. That class is available for those who sign up 
via recording. After that class recording can be accessed individually for a small investment 
and eventually will be part of a Exclusive Vault.  
Other Fun & FREE Offerings available!

Do you enjoy Christmas Advents?
This one is completely online on Facebook.

Each Day is numbered in the guides starting with December 1st..

Each day has various options, choose one or do them all, from scripture verse, activity options, videos, music, treats and more!

Are you ready to up your Nativity fun and enjoyment?

I hope you enjoy participating in my group.
If you are please share with others so they can 
join in also!

If you wish to add an activity please send link
to me and I can add and give credit to you if you wish!

Let's keep Christ in Christmas!


Courses in progress!
Courses in the works!

Has financial goals seemed out of reach?
Does financial freedom seem impossible?
Have you tried everything without success?

See my process I used for me in achieving my financial freedom. In less than a year, I progressed from multiple credit cards maxed out, a mortgage, and a near maxed line of credit to everything paid in full and a generous financial reserve. My process was fun and easy.

~Understand how you can recognize your upgrades
~ Understand how valuing yourself directly affects your wealth.
~Understand how  your stories from childhood are holding you back and how you can upgrade your stories for your improved outcomes

Prosperity in 7 easy steps is filled with wonderful video instruction, feel supported and ask questions with our Facebook group,  you will have your own playbook, hey because money upgrades are fun and easy, not work!

Over time, because I love upgrades, you will automatically receive upgrades as well. I will add bonus content from time to time, as I discover more valuable insights for upgrading our prosperity mindset.

*Please note results will vary for each person. Course is based on my personal experience and my personal results.

Are you ready to go from your feeling of lack and financial bondage to being and feeling prosperous and financially FREE?

These  courses currently in the works, they may include zoom/video recording(s), worksheets and access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support.

Reaching your goals is fun and easy with my courses, and your action steps.

Are you ready to reach your goals?

"Thank you for your excitement about everything you do. It is just so motivating. You have really had a huge impact on my life"
                          Hannah G.


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