Does this story...
            sound like yours?

Are YOU trying to do all the things,
Are YOU feeling like a failure,
Are YOU ready to know how to 
  upgrade your negative mindset,
Are YOU desiring to turn
                             your life around,
Are YOU ready to take back your DAY
                your JOY and your WELLNESS.

Activate Your Sense~Abilities!

I help emotionally challenged women, 
process and flow their emotions 
with grace and ease, 
so they can discover 
and fulfill their divine life mission.

I use tools for activating their senseABILITIES!
Something many of us have been taught from 
a young age to ignore, stuff and hide.
Once you activate your senses, 
you can be in tune with who you are
 and what your mission is.

What is your next step? 
Connect with me and let's discover together!
      When you prioritize your inner self,
     You produce your BEST self!

I give you fast, easy, effective and simple
ways to upgrade and empower your life starting today
by Activating and Aligning your Sense-Abilities !

Have you lost someone you care about recently who gave up on life?
         Did you wish there was more you could have done to help them?
                   Would you like to be prepared for future situations?

Coming Soon!
Life Guardians Mentorship Program           
         for faith filled women, 
               ready to save lives and
build value in the lives of their loved ones
by inspiring them to see their divine value and worth!
                              It is Time for You! and for YOUR empowerment...
                                                                     Do you often feel STRESSED, OVERWHELMED, and FRUSTRATED?                                              
Is Mastering Your TIME, MINDSET, and your WELLNESS
a challenge for you?,
               Do you consistently put your needs last?
Do you adjust your schedule for others?       

                                                                                  When you prioritize your inner self,
                                                                                                                         You produce your BEST self!
                                                                         Book your personal
                                                                                 Aroma Freedom Technique session or SBLT session
                                                                                       and create your life of CALM, PEACE, and JOY!
                                                                                                                    YOU are in the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time, for the RIGHT reason!
                                                                                                                    Your DIVINE TIMING is NOW!
                                                                                      Are you READY for making your PRIORITY YOU?   

It's Here!

My first book is live on Amazon.

Has creating a meaningful and empowering morning routine been a challenge for you?

Would you like to 
start your day
in a motivated way?

With these simple, fun and easy guided daily journaling pages you will combine your powerful prayers, gratitude, forgiveness, questions, readings, action steps, aroma and decrees to empower you for your day. 

What ever your day brings to your table, you will be able to handle with ease.

Are you ready to begin your empowerment journey?

Use this link if you are in the US.

Use this link if you are in the Canada.

Yes, I have other books too!

Check out what are people saying about Putting On MY Armour of God, My Daily Empowerment Journal ~~~~>

Bonus tips:

bialmajan walmaghfira: The arabic
word for FORGIVENESS is also the same word for FREE!

Peace is defined as FREEDOM from
agitation or disturbance by passions, as from fear, terror, anger,
anxiety, or the like.; quietness of mind; tranquility; calmness; quiet of conscience. Applicable to society, to individuals, or to the temper of the mind.

Curious what Guided Journaling is like?
Follow & Join me Tuesdays at 2:00pm AST/1pmEST/Noon CST for my Clubhouse Room Divinely Directed, where we go through the process as outlined in my book. You can even get a printable of the page to try it out!

I was pleased to experience Tammy Hawkworth's new guided journal, and I must say it offers features I'd not seen elsewhere. For example, I loved the prompt to practice forgiveness (which I consider crucial for emotional and spiritual well-being). And in spite of being packed with other helpful features, there's still plenty of room for notes about your inspirations from that day's scripture reading or other ponderings. Tammy's journal guides you through a well-thought process designed to ignite your faith and launch your day with a sense of empowerment blended with peace and joy.
Tania Brown

I also want to tell you that your journal is AMAZING .
I absolutely LOVED reading through it, and I really felt so encouraged and hopeful. I loved the direction it provides, with very good ideas to get started. I felt a very positive spirit as I was working through it. Thank you for your sweet energy! This is a wonderful help for me .
                                 Alison L
Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2021

Well Oiled Life...  Services offered
                            Activate Your Sense-Abilities!

~ Gain COURAGE to believe in
 YOUSELF enough to take your steps 


~Gain CLARITY on the direction YOU 

desire to go
 ~Move past YOUR walls
 ~Break FREE from what is holding

YOU back

~Develop GREAT Habits
 ~Create your life you LOVE

~Gain better understanding in specific areas of YOUR life
~Work at YOUR own pace 
~Learn in YOUR personal learning style
~Be guided each step of the way
~Review over and over again until YOU master each step
~Discover what energy centers are out of tune 
~Restore energy centers flow
~Clear blockages
~Re-store alignement
~Empower you 

~Process is gentle, effective and uplifting
~Release negative thoughts, emotions and memories
~Clear your path towards your goal
~Strengthen relationships with people, food, money, time and more
~Improve your positive mindset
"Thou shalt also decree  thing, and it shall be established unto thee"
 Job 22:28
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A Little About Me 
I am a Divine Daughter of God and I am here to help others find their self worth, achieve their goals, overcome their walls, find their life missions and live their best lives. 
I am a wife to the most amazing, strong, loving, hero of a man. He is my hero because he keeps smiling and going despite off the charts chronic pain, some paralysis and a brain injury.
I am the mother to 6 of the most talented, generous, caring children, ranging in ages from 31– 13(2020), 2 boy and four girls. One adult, special needs with Cri Du Chat Syndrome. I am a grandmother to 6 energetic, loving, sweet grandchildren. 
I am an ongoing student of life, self mastery and personal growth. I am a team leader and advocate for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. I am the oldest child of three girls. I am the daughter  of George and Bev Hawksworth. I am a Young Living Representative. I consider myself a Jane of All Trades...who loves life and learning.


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