Energetic Clearing Services
Frequency + Intention = Miracles
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Individual Services
Available In Person & Many Virtually

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Classic Raindrop
Harmonic Raindrop
Chromatic Raindrop
Energy TUNE UP
$50 +
Vita Flex
$15 +
*Spot specific sessions
**Full Session $75
*Optional Group 
Session Available
Itovi Scan
*Free for My YL Team 
Members Quarterly
*YL Members $15
Coming soon!
Harmonic Facial
add Wrinkle Protocol
+ $25
Coming Soon!
Chromatic Facial 
add Wrinkle Protocol
+ $25
$25 +

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Combination Services
Vitaflex & Raindrop
Coming Soon!
Harmonic & Chromatic 
*Add Wrinkle Protocols for 
+ $40
Custom Session
Pricing based upon choice selections
less 10%

Additional Offerings
*Messages for details

Are you having an area specific challenge?
Color light session are great for "spot" sessions.
You can either send me a picture to shine the color light on or I will use 
a printed representation.
Same for Tuning Forks mini sessions.

Color Light Session
15 minutes


Tuning Fork Session
15 minutes


Color Light & Tuning Fork Session
30 minutes