Does this story...
            sound like yours?

Are YOU trying to do all the things?
Are YOU feeling like a failure?
Are YOU ready to know how to 
  upgrade your negative mindset?
Are YOU desiring to turn
                             your life around?
Are YOU ready to take back your DAY
                your JOY and your WELLNESS?

Activate Your Sense~Abilities!

I help emotionally challenged women, 
process and flow their emotions 
with grace and ease, 
so they can discover 
and fulfill their divine life mission.

I use tools for activating your senseABILITIES!
Something many of us have been taught from 
a young age to ignore, stuff and hide.
Once you activate your senses, 
you can be in tune with who you are
 and what your mission is.

What is your next step? 
Connect with me and let's discover together!
      When you prioritize your inner self,
     You produce your BEST self!

I give you fast, easy, effective and simple
ways to upgrade and empower your life starting today
by Activating and Aligning your Sense-Abilities !

It is Time for You
 and for YOUR empowerment..
    Do you often feel STRESSED,
                                           and FRUSTRATED?                                              
 Is Mastering Your TIME, 

 a challenge for you?

Do you consistently put your needs last?
Do you adjust your schedule for others?       
                                                            When you prioritize your inner self,
                                                                   You produce your BEST self!

                                                                       Is it time to care for you?
                                                                              Book your personal
Aroma Freedom Session
                                                       and create your life of CALM, PEACE, and JOY!
   YOU are in the RIGHT place, 
at the RIGHT time, 
for the RIGHT reason!
        Your DIVINE TIMING is NOW!
                      Are you READY for making your PRIORITY YOU?  

It's Here!

Aroma Reset in a book for children!

Does your child have meltdowns?
Does your child find it challenging to calm down?
Does your child lash out?

These are indicators your child is experiencing BIG emotions and does not know how to process them.

Empower your child in learning and recognizing what feeling are.
Empower your child with recognizing feelings also show up in our body.
Empower your child to flow their feelings in a healthy way.
Empower your child to quickly return to calm.

Feelings are a normal part of everyday life. They indicate what is happening for us and what requires some processing.

Are you ready to begin empowering your child with emotional regulation?

 Also available in Spanish!

See what others are saying....

C. Cobb
5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect, even for the inner child inside of you.
Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2021
Verified Purchase

Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2021
Verified Purchase
Are you ready to empower your child emotionally?

Get your copy today!

YES! I have other books too!
check them out by clicking the link below!
Well Oiled Life...  Services offered
                            Activate Your Sense-Abilities!

~ Gain COURAGE to believe in
 YOUSELF enough to take your steps 


~Gain CLARITY on the direction YOU 

desire to go
 ~Move past YOUR walls
 ~Break FREE from what is holding

YOU back

~Develop GREAT Habits
 ~Create your life you LOVE

~Gain better understanding in specific areas of YOUR life
~Work at YOUR own pace 
~Learn in YOUR personal learning style
~Be guided each step of the way
~Review over and over again until YOU master each step
~Discover what energy centers are out of tune 
~Restore energy centers flow
~Clear blockages
~Re-store alignement
~Empower you 

~Process is gentle, effective and uplifting
~Release negative thoughts, emotions and memories
~Clear your path towards your goal
~Strengthen relationships with people, food, money, time and more
~Improve your positive mindset
"Thou shalt also decree  thing, and it shall be established unto thee"
 Job 22:28
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