My Wellness Kits!
A huge factor in my improved wellness
journey has been adding in
essential oils products!
*Photo "On The Grow" 2019, Toronto, Ontario

Thieves Premium Starter Kit! 
Do store bought cleaners wipe you out, more than you clean out dirt?
Have you been searching for natural cleaning products with REAL cleaning power?
Could you use cleaners that are safe for your whole family?

Thieves cleaning products line has all this and more!

Strong cleaning power, and gentle for family members.

Cleaning used to leave me down and out on my sofa for days, where I then felt depressed about not feeling able to get up and clean. I was in a vicious cycle with no solution in sight, then my daughter introduced me to essential oils....

Now I can clean, feel great during and after and rarely ever spend a day down and out on my sofa!

Comes with everything you require to go green, clean and free!

Thieves Essential Oil 15ml
Thieves Dish soap (see how I make this go longer here )
Thieves Household Cleaner (see ways I use this cleaner here )
Thieves Laundry detergent ( only 1 tsp required per load!)
Thieves Fruit and Veggie Wash ( a must to get all produce clean and free, even organics)
Thieves waterless Hand Sanitizer
Thieves Toothpaste
Dew Drop Diffuser and
A Product Guide

Are you ready to up your cleaning game?
Are your ready to protect your family?
Are you ready to love cleaning in a whole new way?

Grab you Thieves Cleaning kit here

Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist!
Could you use some emotional support?
Do you think a lot of negative thoughts (maybe more than you would like to admit)
Do you like adding great aromas to your surrounding while desiring to keep those aromas safe for you and your family?

This is where I started!

I grabbed a kit after my daughter introduced me to a few oils here and there. I admit I had no idea just how awesome essential oils were and what they would do to support my emotional healing journey.

I grabbed my kit in July of 2018 and they have been an active daily part of my morning routine and daily life.

My absolute favorite way to use decrees are with my personal affirmations (decrees/declarations). I begin my day with a choice of a few oils and a few decrees every single day! If my day goes off track, simply breathing in an oil can bring me back to calm and focused.

My original diffuser is still going strong and looks great in any room!


Premium Starter Kit with Ningxia Red
Do you find eating healthy a challenge?
Do you look for healthy supplements to boost your wellness?
Do you enjoy quick and easy health support?

This is how I keep my body fueled while balancing the rest of my busy life.

Just one ounce is a serving!!!!!!  ONE OUNCE!

This jam packed drink is a superfood, packed with nutritious goodness!
Using whole fruit puree and infused with essential oils. Proven beneficial for eye health ( do you spend any time in front of a screen?)

This is a daily staple in our house, everyone LOVES it.

Full of antioxidants.
Check out these great videos on Ningxia Red
D.Gary Young Interview Part 1
D.Gary Young Interview Part 2
Cell changes after drinking NIngxia

Are you ready for a quick, yummy easy way to boost your nutrition?
Are you ready to support your eye health?
Are you ready for an afternoon pick me up?


Ask me Take Part in the 14 Day Reset Challenge.

Specialty Kit: The Raindrop Technique Kit!
Do you enjoy massages?(this is not a massage however, it is a technique similar though)
Do you enjoy detoxing?
Do you enjoy emotional support?

The raindrop was developed my D. Gary Young as he discovered Native American wellness traditions and adapted them using essential oils.

You can find demonstrations given by him on Youtube.

My husband and I enjoy performing this technique for each other.
If you are new to this technique and oils. I recommend diluting with the V6 oils. You can also find way to adapt for children and pets. I have used with my children and they thoroughly enjoy. I have also used with my dog. He was very relaxed and did not move away, which he was free to do so.

UPDATE: I have started my Raindrop Technique training November 26 & 27, 2021. I am looking forward to offering this IN PERSON service soon. The benefits of a Raindrop Technique are many.

Learn more and view a demonstration here. (please note this is a variation from the official training technique)


 Check out more on Gary Young and his life and teachings

Experience More!