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Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 26
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Little with BIG Feelings

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Little with BIG Feelings

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Little with BIG Feelings

Has your child had melt downs and not been able to calm down?

As an Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner, helping people flow their emotions to get to a calm, motivated or even empowered state of being is what I do!

The process works for people of all ages, however the terms used in a typical process may to too BIG for Littles, so in this children's book you can go through a quick Aroma Reset with your child and bring back calm.

Designed for even smaller children, special needs children and yes even adults who like visuals, this book is perfect! Children can point and select images, as they go through the book. 
I recommend having a pure Young Living essential oils, however citrus fruit or citrus fruit blends are perfect options here. If you do not have pure essential oils I offer other alternate options as well.

Are you ready to empower your children in flowing & calming those BIG feelings?

Check out what the creator of the process has said about Little with BIG Feelings....

Here are what readers are saying...
This book is designed to change lives!

Teaching children from a young age about emotional regulation, is providing them with a powerful tool for life!

Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2021
Verified Purchase

Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2021
Verified Purchase

Size: 7.5" x 9.25"
Pages: 242
Guided Journal

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Putting On My Armor of God: My Daily Empowerment Journal

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Putting On My Armor of God: My Daily Empowerment Journal

See how your journal process activates your senses here...

Recording of audio walkthrough during Clubhouse room premier for Divinely Directed on January 14, 2022

Not sure if you will enjoy this journal, grab your eBook version here. Includes all your introductory pages, explanation pages etc. , and yur printable copy of the JOURNAL Page

Putting on My Armor of God; My Daily Empowerment Journal

Do you feel defeated before your day even begins?
Does your energy always feel low or non existent?
Does you feel like your life has no purpose?

Discover what others have known for ages!

 The power of self reflection, of immersion in scriptures or other uplifting material. The power of gratitude and forgiveness. The power of essential oils, the life blood of plants, paired with decrees. The power of recognizing your personal inspirations, and recording them. The power of progress as you document actions steps and complete your steps.

Within these pages you will create your own clear Divine wisdom, and guidance in a world where confusion abounds. This is a powerful way to journal. 

Since I have been using this method of journaling, I have accomplished many goals. I have received so much life changing personal revelation.

A latter day prophet, President Russell M. Nelson has said "In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, & constant influence of the Holy Ghost"

Using a journal like mine will help you stay connected to the Holy Ghost, your inner voice, and whomever your Higher Power is.

Begin your  empowering journaling journey today!

Are you curious if this journal is for you?
Would you like to experience the process first?

Listen to the recording here on this page, where I walk you through your process of Activating your Sense~Abilites as you flow through the same process provided in your journal!

Please have pen and paper and a natural botanical ( Young Living Essential Oils are what I use, however you can grab a fresh citrus fruit or some fresh or dried herbs or spices for this part) ready to go!

Are you ready to experience morning empowerment in a whole new way?

Try this technique out today, and then order your journal so you can be empowered every day!

What People Are Saying about Putting on My Armor of God Journal... 
Are you ready to Acivate your Sense~Abilites?
What will your experience be?

I was pleased to experience Tammy Hawkworth's new guided journal, and I must say it offers features I'd not seen elsewhere. For example, I loved the prompt to practice forgiveness (which I consider crucial for emotional and spiritual well-being). And in spite of being packed with other helpful features, there's still plenty of room for notes about your inspirations from that day's scripture reading or other ponderings. Tammy's journal guides you through a well-thought process designed to ignite your faith and launch your day with a sense of empowerment blended with peace and joy.

Tania Brown

Dee Castelli
Wow! This is a super powerful tool to lift my heart, mind and soul. I love that I’m able to evaluate level of empowerment at the beginning and end of the practice. The questions helped me ponder and guide my thoughts up to my God and receive my full power for the day. Thank you for this amazing tool to empower my day!

                                                         Dee C.

I the different sections! It really is all laid out!  

Hi Tammy!!
I also want to tell you that your journal is AMAZING .
I absolutely LOVED reading through it, and I really felt so encouraged and hopeful. I loved the direction it provides, with very good ideas to get started. I felt a very positive spirit as I was working through it. Thank you for your sweet energy! This is a wonderful help for me .
Alison L.

Awesome!! I love the way you outlined the journal entry pages!

I enjoyed journaling with Putting on my Armor of God book.  I liked the page set up.  It was a nice way to check myself how I felt before and after.  It is a great way to start or end your day! I have recommended it to a few friends. Gabriela Flores 

This journal is unlike any other I’ve ever seen! It brings a spiritual element that I’ve never seen before! It’s very easy to use and understand! For those in the oily world it adds that element which is huge! I never seem to remember what I used and usually forget to write it down but there’s an actual spot for it! Not only does it help you release but then had a place for action steps as well for you to move forward in life! It’s set up so it won’t take too long either if you don’t have a lot of time.  I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like this before!              

Size: 6" x 9"
Pages 104
Guided Journal

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My Daily Gratitude & Prayer Journal

Do you find yourself complaining more than you would like?
Do you struggle to see how things will work out?
Do you feel depressed?

Gratitude has been shown to improve mood and motivation.
A simple small and powerful daily journal practice of amplifying your gratitude and prayers for those around you can bring powerful shifts.
Experience the power of a grateful heart and loving concern for others, as you fill in your journal day after day.

Take the challenge for 100 days and share your powerful results! Let's create a movement for good!

Bonus: Includes a link for the script for practicing Aroma Blessed. A simple daily tool to amplify your gratitude anytime in your day, by activating your powerful sense-ability of smell!

Are you ready to amplify your grateful heart?

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Books I Enjoy 
From Author's I Know!
Nourish your heart and mind, 
as your nourish your body!
I choose to nourish my heart and my mind
with the best books!

A collection of her poetry!

Transform and soar on wings of fire

From broken to healing. From buried to free

Available in paperback and kindle. 


I typically do not read poetry, mostly because I enjoy motivational and educational type books. Reading Dee's poetry, however, really resonated with my personal progress journey.

May you enjoy them as much I do!
Looking for a great way to track your sleep habits so you can see, where you might require adjustments, check out my friend Tania Brown's Sleep SOS Journal!

Filled with detailed pages for tracking everything from wake up time, energy levels through your day to how you slept at night!
This journal has it all covered, plus she also has a companion course to go along with her journal!

You can grab her sleep journal here.

There is a link to her course in her book!

Do you desire to publish
your own book?
Creating and publishing your book is
I created and published three-YES 3-books
in less than two months!
It was so fun and easy
So, I created a course so you can too!
  • Create your pages in Canva-free version!
  • See how easy it is to set margins, and add page elements
  • Understand how to merge files with ease
  • Create multiples of the same page quickly and easily
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    Are you ready to publish your book?
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