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Celestial High Achievers Mastermind Program 
where your Empowering Mentoring Team 
meets  You where you are,
and motivates You  towards your success!

Success Begins Here!
"I was nervous. I thought ‘what do we have to talk about’ and ‘what do we even do’ Throughout the course of the 8 weeks I became more welcoming of the idea of having a mentor. Normally I don’t like talking to people about my life but she helped me open up and reach my goal. I am very appreciative of this because not only did this program help her to help me open up and reach my goal but it also helped me let go of something that I was holding onto from my past. The eight weeks Tammy mentored me was great and she could easily tell ... that I was happier, more energetic,  more loving of myself."
                                                                                       Thank you, Alyssa

Spiritual Harmony, Empowered Life; 
Your Journey Starts Here!
Discover Deeper Fulfillment in Your Faith Journey

Are you yearning for a more profound connection between your faith and the fulfillment you seek in your personal life? In the hustle of daily routines, it's common to feel a spiritual gap. C.H.A.M.P. mentoring program is designed to guide faith filled women on a transformative journey towards a more meaningful, personal connection with their Higher Power. Uncover the joy and purpose that come with aligning your spiritual beliefs with the practical aspects of everyday life.

Overcome Skepticism About Integrating 
Energy Tools with Faith  

Embrace the incredible synergy between your faith and the empowering world of energy tools. If you've ever felt skeptical or hesitant about integrating practices like essential oils, crystals, or affirmations with your faith, you're not alone. C.H.A.M.P. mentoring program provides a supportive space where you can explore these tools in a way that aligns seamlessly with your beliefs. Break free from doubts and experience a harmonious blend of spirituality and energy work that enhances your personal journey.

Navigate Stress, Anxiety and Everyday Life Pressures

Life's pressures can be overwhelming, and as faithful women, finding effective, faith-aligned strategies for managing stress and anxiety is essential. Our mentoring program equips you with Christ-supported energy tools, such as essential oils, tuning forks, and affirmations, to navigate challenges with resilience and grace. Discover a pathway to peace, balance, and empowerment that aligns with your faith, helping you face life's pressures with unwavering confidence.

Join other faith filled women on a transformative journey toward spiritual fulfillment, 
harmony, and success. 
Embrace a faith-aligned approach to personal growth and empowerment

Enroll now and embark on a journey that 
nurtures your spirit and transforms your life

"As a mentor, Tammy is compassionate and tactful, but even more important to me, she is absolutely trustworthy. When you are sharing pieces of your life or your insecurities you want to do so with complete trust, knowing they are in safe hands. "
                                                                        Joy L

Intuitive Faith Based Mentor
Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner,
Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, 
Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist,
Masterful Student of 
Conscious Language 
and Sacred Body Language Translations

Meet your
Mastermind Coach
who brings a unique set of qualifications for guiding people around our world to discover new ways of succeeding!

As a daughter of God, wife, mother, grandmother and friend, I 
bring much life experience to the table. Having overcome challenge after challenge, and reached goal after goal, I know I can CHAMPion you onto your success as well. I will cheer you on when you have wins and help you bust through your walls when you feel stuck!

I empower Christian Women in transforming their lives with Christ-centered energy tools discover fun , easy systems for elevate your life, even if you're new to energy work and tools.

I already see you Victorious!

What you will learn
in 3 easy steps!

Step 1 

How to set
Heart Centered 

Not every goal is truly heart centered, one that is your heart's desire and not someone else's. Discover how to be sure your goal is a match for you!

Step 2 

How to
Clear Your Pathway 
towards your Goals

As you move towards your goal, things are going to get in your way.Learn fun & easy tools to bust them out of your way, making your path clear.

Step 3 

How to

Upgrade your Thoughts, 
Words and Actions
  to Be Alive in your new outcomes 
Already here!

See how you have already been getting your choices, and how you can make new choices to receive your new outcomes, simply by upgrading your thoughts, words and actions.

This Program happens LIVE, ONLY twice a year!

12 weeks in the spring and
12 weeks in the fall!
Celestial High Achievers Mastermind Group
"where you are CHAMPioned onto your Success!"
Your 12 week program includes:
  Receive 2-Bi-Weekly Live Group Mentoring 
with C.H.A.M.P Cheer Shares and Q & A time
  Receive 2 -Bi-Weekly C.H.A.M.P.ions Chair Live Sessions
  Receive Lifetime Access to the C.H.A.M.P. Facebook group   
  Receive 12 Weekly Return & Report Check Ins
(tracking and reporting progress matters)
  Receive Access to C.H.A.M.P Vault for Basic Training
  Receive Access to Past Recordings of Mastermind Sessions
and C.A.M.P.ions Chair Sessions
  BONUS Session for Q&A on 5th week of month!
(makes program actually 13 weeks long so you get a BONUS week!)

What about Pricing?
An investment worth making!

With options to match your budget now!
One Payment

$ 1555 
✔️ Access For 12 Weeks of Program

✔️ Access To Basic Training

✔️ Weekly Return & Report Audits

✔️ Access Playbook

✔️ Monthly Mentoring Call

✔️ Monthly CHAMPion Seat Call

✔️ Access To Facebook Group

✔️ Access To Recordings Library

2 Payments Of

$ 799
✔️ Access For 12 Weeks of Program

✔️ Access To Basic Training

✔️ Weekly Return & Report Audits

✔️ Access Playbook

✔️ Monthly Mentoring Call

✔️ Monthly CHAMPion Seat Call

✔️ Access To Facebook Group

✔️ Access To Recordings Library

3 Payments Of

$ 550
✔️ Access For 12 Weeks of Program

✔️ Access To Basic Training

✔️ Weekly Return & Report Audits

✔️ Access Playbook

✔️ Monthly Mentoring Call

✔️ Monthly CHAMPion Seat Call

✔️ Access To Facebook Group

✔️ Access To Recordings Library


"Working with Tammy helped me to focus on goals that I had been putting off and to know what really needed to be done to accomplish them."

Karin K
"Since having my session with Tammy I’ve felt more confident, clear headed and more energized. I was able to release the inner fears that had been keeping me from my path ahead. New opportunities have developed since then and I feel energized!"
                                                                                    Lupita A

"Tammy was very professional and caring at the same time. Guided me through my blocks and obstacles to reach my goal and supported me with action steps to make my goal happen. Now I am half way through writing my book. Thank you - The session was awesome"
James W 

Activate Your Success with Tammy Hawksworth: Ignite Your Senses, Achieve Your Goals!

Are you ready to transcend mere listening and truly hear, to move beyond sight and truly see, to understand deeply, and most importantly, to take decisive action? It's time to activate your senses and propel yourself towards your goals!

Are You Ready to Unleash Your Full Potential?

Embark on a transformative journey with me, Tammy Hawksworth, where we go beyond identifying your obstacles. I specialize in helping individuals like you pinpoint and swiftly release what's holding you back, paving the way for a smooth and rapid advancement toward your aspirations.

Personalized Mentoring for Your Unique Journey

In our group mastermind sessions, I bring a unique set of skills to the table:

  • I have a keen ability to identify and dismantle the barriers obstructing your path.
  • I tune into word patterns, facilitating upgrades that empower your strengths.
  • I observe and interpret body responses, uncovering hidden constraints and guiding you towards acceptance and restoration.
Invest in Your Success Today!

Take a proactive step toward your success by investing in personalized mentoring with me. Let's uncover your roadblocks, upgrade your language patterns, and clear your way for your blessings awaiting your acceptance. 

Are you ready to seize your success? 
Let's get started!

YOU         +         MENTOR         =         SUCCESS!

"Tammy was very kind, patient, thorough and comforting during the AFT process.  She thoroughly explained the process and possible outcomes as well as checked in with me afterwards and allowed me the personal space to experience my feelings, emotions, thoughts.  When I felt stuck she easily suggested words and affirmations to my personal situation. This experience left me with tools to use for my situation to redirect, accept and work through.   I would highly recommend this experience with Tammy especially for a one on one and or first time experiences with AFT whether it's to release stuck thought patterns, goals or emotional imbalances. "
Michelle K

"Tammy was a complete stranger before our session, but she was quickly able to put me at ease so that I was able to relax for my session.   She explained every step and guided me through my individual process.  I feel that I am better equipped to deal with my emotions when I am placed on a battleground.  "

Denise S

This Program is NOT for everyone...
 Not for people who are not ready for change
Not for those happy where they are right now
 Not for anyone who isn't open to trying new things

It is for you if...
 You are open to taking action
You are excited to achieve your goals
 You believe in order to get a new outcome, you require making new choices!



To get the most out of your transformational training like this, you need an investment and an immersion.
You get to take your plunge. To make it even easier for you to jump, I've created a full refund guarantee on this program.
If you're unhappy with your enrollment for any reason simply email us by April 2nd, 2024. This is the day after our first live class.
You can enroll now, let the pot begin to stir, come to our first live session, and still receive a full refund if needed.
When we begin our first class, the reason you're really here deepens and becomes activated, so we do have to seal the vault door after that evening.

If you decide you require stopping your success transformation, simply email me at for a refund of your entire investment in full. We will also thank you for giving it a try. So know...


I am so confident in this program, that I am also offering you an entire year—90 days—to experience C.H.A.M.P. 
and prove to yourself it’ll deliver results. 
If it doesn’t, simply contact me at, and I will happily refund your investment.

And full disclosure…there is one catch - You get to show me you did the assignments and participated fully!

The reason is simple. Nothing works unless you use it. Some people confuse acquiring with accomplishing. They buy a course and think they’re taking action. But 30, 60, or 90 days later, after they haven’t even logged into their account, they’re calling for a refund telling themselves the product didn’t work.

so, if after 90 days, you can show me you put in your best self towards your goal and you had zero 
progress on your goal, then I will fully refund your investment.

You have so much to gain, and nothing to lose!