Me Kan Do Mentoring 
Resources Page
Here are your resources 
provided for your goal achievement!

Your odds are in your favor with your tools!

*Your Mentee Files will be customized for your
specific requirement and determined as we meet!

The Original Aroma Reset Script
As offered FREE on Clubhouse!
Here is your printable version of the script. Simply download and print, or take a screen shot of it. Carry it with you, have it ready to refer to when your situations comes up that throw you off track.

Grab your natural botanical and flow through to get back to your motivation and empowerment and get back to your day in a positive way!

This is also your image file, simply right mouse clip the image to the right/top(depending on your device) and save image as.

Aroma Reset Audio Recording
Listen anywhere, anytime with ease!
Do you prefer listening on the go?

Listen from anywhere! With your audio reset you have added versatility of putting in your headphones and listening to your process anywhere you require.

Remember to grab your natural botanical prior to listening so you are ready for the process!

This may be your most powerful tool, so keep this handy for quick and easy access!