Discover Raindrop Technique 

A sequential application of specific Young Living Essential Oils
 which may

~Harmonize & Balance Energies
~Help promote feelings of Security and Grounding
~Help support healthy Joints and Muscles  
~Help support Lymphatic flow
~Help support Digestive comfort
~Help support, soothe and balance emotions 
~Help support feelings of strength, courage and self-esteem
~Help feelings of Comfort, Calm & Relaxation
~Help in feeling ease 
~Help in feelings of Head Comfort and Ease 
~Help in feelings Self Image, Confidence, and Courage
~Help in feeling Harmonized Physically, Mentally and Emotionally 
*results may vary from person to person

*Raindrop techniques is designed for use and ONLY
performed with Young Living high quality therapeutic grade essential oils

*If you are ready to book your session and have your own oils for the technique then select "I Have Required Oils" 
*If you prefer to book for Vita Flex session, choose Vita Flex option.

Please allow 1 1/2 -2 hours for your session
Dress comfortable in loose clothing

Remove jewelry prior to session
Recommended for nail polish also to be removed prior to session
Studies show Drinking only water pre and post session can help flush toxins
let go during your session

If you are attending a Raindrop session, I will be accessing the skin on the following locations:
  • Bottom and top of the feet
  • Base of the skull
  • Neck
  • Back 
  • Shoulders

I do have kimono wrap for you to change into or some choose to remove their shirt entirely and lay on the table. The choice is yours.
Before your session, I invite you in avoiding caffeine and sugary/processed foods.

Another great way for Activating Your Sense~Abilities!
as interviewed on... also know as ALL THINGS RAINDROP!

More on benefits of Raindrop Technique!

MAY promote Improved Circulation

Through use of specific essential oils and effleurage techniques, blood vessels may dilate and may increase blood flow, which in turn may cause an increase in circulation for nourishing cells. This may improve cerebral blood flow, decrease your cortisol levels and may also increases functionality of your digestive system. You may also notice your heart rate improves. 

may PROMote EMotional Healing

"Negative" e-motions may be transformed and may be easily let go. Many studies show traumatic, stressful and harmful situations which were not resolved in our past may be stored in various areas of our body and may be accessed through your amygdala(emotional side) and hippocampus(memory side) parts of your limbic system of your brain through activation of our sense of smell. Emotions remain in your subconscious as unresolved mental, physical, spiritual and/or emotional traumas, which can result in "triggers" points in your life situations. Therapeutic grade essential oils have shown capacity for "unlocking" your buried/hidden stressors/triggers, allowing conscious processing, recognizing, expressing and transformation of them. 
This may also happen during OR after your Raindrop Technique session.

May PROMOTE RElaxation

Your Raindrop Technique mimics massage, and may result in your calm effect. Raindrop's gentle, tender approach of touch is calming and also invites sensations for reassurance and safety. Oils used in your raindrop technique are known for their calming properties, and when paired with light effleurage of your Raindrop, has pleasing and relaxing results. Light touch also is known for improving lymphatic and circulation benefits. Certain oils may promote similar results as well.

May improve immune support

Your Raindrop Technique may reduces your cortisol levels and increases your dopamine levels. Resulting in your ability for relaxing your mind. When your mind is relaxed you may also find you have more energy and more positive feelings. When we are in our relaxed state of being, our immune system may also function better, which may lead to your improved health and wellness.

MAY improve spinal alignment

Increasing research is showing some particular organisms can lodge in spinal ganglia(EODR pg 299), which  may contribute in deformities(see EODR) or inflammation(EODR). Clients may also report an increase in stature and your height is typically measured before and after your session, by your facilitator. (I personally have experienced an increase of 1/2" and my husband has increased almost an inch and his has remained.)
The Essential Oil Desk Reference, 8th edition says some medical professionals in the US have added Raindrop into their clinical practice and have found outstanding support for various back and spinal concerns (see page 299EODR)
" I have had scoliosis since I was eleven years old. when I grew five inches in three months. It really did not start creating any 
problem until it reached a 55degree curve at about 42 years of age. I was in constant pain in my back and it was pulling my 
right knee inwards causing it a great deal of pain. It also took the natural curve out out of my neck. This all started in my mid-
thirties. I am now 47.
   A year -and-a-half agoa naturopathic doctor friend of mine introduced me to the Raindrop technique. After four treatments
done within one month I was out of pain and two inches taller. My curve is back down to 42 degrees. The oils have become 
a way of life for my family and  me. I will continue the Raindrops for myself and my family because it works."
                                                                  -Scoliosis Success in Indiana < A statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique>
                                                                                                                                   by David Stewart, PhD

A Fun side note: many client experience an increase in height. Yes you get taller! Well, it seems that way. Over time with gravity and other things we often lose height. With this technique, muscles relax and spinal compaction can let go therefore causing you to restore towards your original height.

Potential for Decreased Pain

Combining effleurage(Raindrop), essential oils and Vitaflexing (a form of Reflexology), your Raindrop Technique may help decrease muscle, bone and joint discomfort, may improve back movement, may increase serotonin levels and may reduce muscle soreness and swelling.
Some oils used are specifically for reducing muscle spasms, and promoting muscle function, bone comfort and joint comfort. are:
  • Wintergreen- composed of 80-90% methyl salicylate.
  • Thyme- absorbs certain free radicals.
  • Peppermint- contains menthol as its primary chemical constituent and enhances the oils used before it.

Chromatic Raindrop Variation

Color also known as, light therapy, consists of shining specific frequencies/ colors of light on the body for bringing about wellness/balance.  An incandescent(full spectrum) lamp/light is aimed on specific areas of skin and used in a darkened room with no direct sunlight coming in.  Our body's healthy frequency is about 62-68 MHz and responds well to light which affects its physiology.  

For instance, think how sunshine affects you compared to a cloudy day.  Professionals use infrared light with newborn babies when needed to stimulate the liver and for reducing pain and inflammation.  

For wellness purposes, specific color frequencies must be used.  There are 12 colors used for bringing a body back into balance.  This therapy has been helpful in, used for centuries and dates back to Egyptian pyramids, reducing fever, stabilizing blood pressure, stimulating organs, detoxification, infections, wounds, pain, burns, relaxation, and more

Used in Raindrop the technique results are amplified. 
Are you ready to experience  your Chromatic Raindrop?

Vibrational Raindrop Variation

Sounds for wellness are documented in various ancient cultures, again also dating back to Egyptian pyramids. Sound was how God brought things into creation. "God SAID..." and "then there was >>>"

Sound can alter your mood. Notice how you feel when certain songs come on, or how a movie scene with intense music can bring your emotions front and center.

Used in Raindrop is another way to amplify the benefits of the technique. My clients who have experienced both classic Raindrop and Vibrational Raindrop, always say they prefer Vibrational Raindrop.

A collection of forks with various frequencies are used and many have gem tips added for the benefits of the added crystals.

You are having a truly unique experience when having your Vibrational Raindrop session.

Book your today and see what everyone is talking about!

Check out what people are saying ...
Results & experience may vary from person to person!

Feathering Technique!

A feather~like sweeping stroke 
with alternating hands
"I Fell Asleep"

Foot Vita Flex Technique

Vita Flex:
Term coined by Stanley Burroughs from
" Vitality through the Reflexes"


This was a tuning fork only session
for 10 minutes
First Picture is before
Second is after 10 minutes
Third is next day, midday

There are a few instances where this technique is not recommended
or requires caution.

See following list for cautionary areas:
  • Drug or alcohol intoxication
  • Pacemaker
  • Seizure disorder(s)
  • Bleeding Disorders or use of blood thinners
  • Infections
  • Removal of hearing aides during session

  • Open Wounds
  • Skin Disorders
  • Organ Transplant (avoid completely-your body is already working hard to support a foreign item.)
  • Pregnancy
  • Allergy to Metal(for vibrational)
Also available VitaFlex!
Vitaflex simply means "Vitality through the reflexes"
The term was coined by Stanley Burroughs

Using the pads and nails of ones fingers, electrical stimulation occurs, when 
rolling motions are used to fire voltage into the body through
reflex points. This process is piezoelectric (pressure induced electricity)
While effective as a process by itself, adding in essential 
oils enhances the process.

Its theory is quite fascinating with the premise being that slight pressure applied 
to the body creates an electric charge that is therapeutic to the body. 

The human body has more VitalFlex points than points in other 
modalities, having 5000! You can basically VitaFlex any area of your body!
For instance acupuncture has typically 365 points taught
reflexology has 1800!

Vita Flex Techniques provided in your 45 min - 1 hour session:

Along Shins and Spinal Points of the Feet~for colon and bladder 
Soles of Feet~for intestines
Base of Skull~for colon
Lungs on point of Feet~for respiratory system
Bronchial Tubes~for respiratory system
On the Neck of Toes~for sinuses
On Face~for sinuses
On Toes~for head and brain 
On Head~for head and brain
Ears~for inner ear, ~auditory nerves and lymphatics
Jaw Bone and Mastoid Bones~for lymphatics and eustachian tubes
Little Toes~for entire ear area
Left Arm and Hand Heart Pump~for heart
On the Left Foot Heart Pump~for heart
Lymphatic Pump~for lymphatics
Hip/Atlas Vitaflex~hip alignment(I used to take my daughter
 for this adjustment, and now I am able to from home)

Yes, I am ready for my VitaFlex!

Possible benefits from VitaFlex are:

~Help support clearing of your colon
~Help support your respiratory system  
~Help support Lymphatics
~Help support clearing of your sinuses 
~Help support your head & brain
~Help support your heart and circulation 
~Help support alignment of hip/atlas 
*results may vary from person to person
If you are attending a Vitaflex session, I will be accessing the skin on the following locations:

  • Legs from knees down to feet
  • Bottom and top of the feet
  • Base of the skull
  • Back and top of your head (most prefer their hair down for this, as it may get a little messy)
  • Ears (I will be doing a technique just at the opening of your ears)
  • Chin and jawbone
  • Left elbow and hand
  • Back

I have kimono wrap for you to change into for upper body access.
Before your session, I invite you in avoiding caffeine and sugary/processed foods.

Book a Double Session for your Full Treatment!
Vita Flex & Raindrop together!
Now you can combine the benefits of both techniques in to one 2 hour session.

Your session will begin with Vita Flex, to clear your nerve pathways, open your sinuses, support lymphatic flow and colon, and align your hips, so your Raindrop session immediately following can 
achieve optimal results as well as your body's natural detoxification supports will be
clear and free flowing!

What are some things you may clear out?
~Toxins from food ( processed, fast food or food in general now has some level of toxins
from chemicals in our environment)
~Chemicals from things we apply to our skin or 
are exposed to(like cleaners and personal care products)
~Air pollutants ( in our air we breathe in daily)
~Emotional clearing ( from stuffed and ignored emotions)
and more!
When we clear these things out, we allow for flow happening, with ease, in our lives.

*Responses may vary greatly between clients as each person responds differently 
(see A statistical Validation for Raindrop for a documented study on various outcomes,
available for viewing in office)

Yes Please! I Want Both Sessions in One!

D.Gary Young demonstrating Raindrop Technique
The Raindrop Technique is based on an ancient Native American Lakota tradition of 
going north and observing the Northern Lights. As they would 
observe the lights they would also breathe in aromas from local trees as a natural
wellness practice. Over time, their practice was adjusted and then D. Gary Young
along with research from Wallace Black Elk(A Lakota Medicine man)developed
what we now know as Raindrop Technique.
You can find many variations for this technique, and even D. Gary Young often
performed with slight variations when he presented his technique in trainings, often 
flowing through intuitively with each of his recievers.

More Techniques Available for Your Discovery!

Neuro Auricular Technique
Discover how using an auricular tool 
on specific spinal points 
supports and "jumpstarts"
your body's system.

Experience your
session today!

Chromatic Raindrop!
Raindrop in a whole new way, color light 
has been used therapeutically for centuries, dating 
back to Egyptian times.
Infrared is commonly used
for deep tissue healing and pain relief
(hubby has used this therapy with great 
results for his chronic pain)
I have use OTT lights (full spectrum) for
helping with my SADS. 

Now you can upgrade with color lights 
during your raindrop,
for no additional charge!

So excited in sharing
 this new technique for you!

My dad saw his foot Dr today. He has new skin over his wound!!!! NEW skin! I'm speechless. He sent me a pic from last thur, and from today. When I used lights on him, it was over his bandage as the Dr wanted it covered in between appointments. The difference in the pics is just amazing!!!! 💗🤩 I'm about to cry, thinking of how these classes and tools have benefited him already. 


Now offering ...
Neuro Endocrine Center Balancing
We have 7 main energy centers in our body, each is
connected to our main glands in our endocrine 
system. If there are blockages here, our body cannot function 
with ease and hormone imbalances can occur.

Using  vibration effects of tuning forks
can help break up those blockages and help 
restore functioning in a gentle and
effective way.

Experience your

Frequency Enhancers
Color Lights

Tuning Forks

Essential Oils

Detoxification is a real everyday thing . Each person's experience may differ, some may do it with emotions, some feel a physical release, and some see it on the skin. Some also feel it as a sense of calm, relaxation, and peace. However you experience it, please recognize, celebrate and enjoy your process.
Immediately after your session, I will invite you in drinking a glass of water. This is because studies show water will help the body's natural detoxification process. Water is your friend in your process.

Some Possible After Technique Effects
Our LIVER, KIDNEYS and COLON are how we typically detox daily. 
Urine, sweat, tears, and mucus are other possible ways. 
However if they are 
overburdened our body will use our skin. 

As a result you may experience one or more of the following:

Increased/Decreased energy
Emotional let go (anger, sad, fear, happy)
Temporary skin redness/warmth/itching

Bowel movements
Possible rash from toxin removal (often mistaken for allergic response)
or other short term effects

Suggestions for support post session
 If you have after experience results, possible option for trying may include:

Take naps
Drink more water (for support in flushing toxins and hydration)
Application of carrier oil(for redness/heat)
Epsom Salt bath

Trust what your body is telling. For example,  If you feel sleepy , rest.

*If oils get in eyes, use carrier oil to flush NOT water