Are you ready to Master your Time?
Do you struggle with finding time for things you enjoy?
Do you find yourself running late?
Do you double book appointments?
Do you overschedule yourself?
Do you wish you had time to enjoy things?

Within your Masterful Training you will ...

~ Understand, appreciate and value your time investments
~See where you spend/invest your time
~Evaluate your priorities for your time investments
~Upgrade your time investments
~Upgrade your time stories

Included with your course...


~ FIVE modules with play sheets!
~Self paced - go as fast or as slow as you choose!
~View anywhere, anytime internet connection is available!
~Lifetime access!


Also Included...

Your Playbook with all your required Play sheets!
Upgrades happen quick and easy when you
Keep this Fun and easy!

~ 11 Play sheets
~Print as required
~Repeat if desiring a new upgrade with your time

I choose to invest in myself NOW!

Participate your way which works best for you!
Tablet, computer, phone!
~ Participate on your computer!
~Participate on your tablet!
~Participate on your smart phone!
~Participate in whatever way works for you!

Modules Overview

Module 1
Time Stories
Do you tell yourself negative time stories?
Do you feel like you never have enough time?

Discover your time stories holding you back from mastering your valuable time!
Understand how to upgrade your  time stories with ease!

Module 2
Where does your time actually go?
Does your time seem pass by quickly?
Do you wonder where your time went?

Discover where your time really goes and how long things really take.
See where you can reclaim your valuable time.

Module 3
Priorities, Priorities! 

Do you find the things that really matter to you get no time?
Do you plan to spend time on thing that matter, but fail in follow through?

Find what your priorities really are and how to schedule using them.
Understand how your give high priorities in your life, your time they deserve.

Module 4
To Do's and Ta Da's

Does your TO DO list have you feeling like a daily failure?
Does your TO DO list seem to get bigger and bigger and never get done?

Discover the difference between TO DO's and TA DA's.
Discover why celebrating successes matters.
Discover your pleasure of tracking your successes.

Module 5
Goals and Tracking Steps

Do you never seem to have free time?
If you had free time, would you even know what to do with it?

Freeing up your time, now means you have time for things that matter,
even time for reaching your goals!
Discover a productive and satisfying way to use your free time.
Finally be your Time Master!

BONUS Videos
Am Pm Card Tool

Do routines feel too restrictive?
Do you thrive on routines?

Discover this powerful tool for building consistency in your life!
Discover how flexible this tool is for where you are in your life!

Time Freedom Technique Tool

Do you set time goals and then get stuck?
Do the same time challenges keep coming up?

Discover this powerful tool for quickly upgrading your time programming!
Discover how quick and effective this tool is today!

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With Program $35

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*Please note this is an edited version of a pre-recorded-5 session
challenge which took place in April 2021.
All the valuable content remains. Edits were of family interruptions and technology issues.
I have a special needs family and choose not to let 
those challenges prevent me
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