Miracles In The Making
Goal Setting and Achieving 4 Week Workshop!

February 24, March 2, 9, and 16th, 2024
10:00 am - 11:30am 
River Roots Wellness
724 King Street, Bridgewater, NS, Canada, Nova Scotia

Each class we will build on the previous class. 
Classes will be interactive, be prepared for participation 
in your goal success

Week 1 
we will cover discovering
Who you Are!

Week 2 
we will cover discovering 
What Do You Really Want?
Picking Heart Centered Goals

Week 3 
we will cover discovering 
Your WHYs
Why do you choose this goal?

Week 4 
Why tracking progress matters
and how to overcome blocks

are you ready to discover how to set goals and achieve them?
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Personal Investment  $55

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Disclaimer Notice:
 I am not a medical professional, therapist or counselor. Aroma Freedom Techniques are non-medical and are not designed to replace, treat or diagnose any medical condition or current treatments.  The process is also not psychotherapy and it not intended to replace any such treatments. The processes can bring up past memories and traumas, however the sharing of those situations and their details are not required for successful sessions. The process is based on neuroscience, the powerful affects and response to our sense of smell and the olfactory systems' nature and unfiltered function and ability to process emotions and memories, and was created by Dr. Benjamin Perkus. Each practitioner may add in their own personal style to the process. 

If you are further interested in this process and receiving your own certification, Dr Perkus offers online training in formal classes or 
a self paced option. You can research more and sign up here!

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