Here is your DIY Dryer Sheets guide.
Your family may not notice, but you will know
You are providing safe products for your family's delicate skin.

Start making yours today! 
Create homemade  and re-usable dryer sheets with ease!
No more worry about toxins in your dryer sheets.
You are making "green" choices, and you know your ingredients.

Start today by making your own from scratch and then you know what is in there.
Follow this step by step guide in making your own homemade and re-usable dryer sheets.
Chemicals in store bought dryer sheets have been proven to contain harmful chemicals which can be absorbed into the skin. Our skin is absorbing things all day long, you can make healthy choice as to what comes in contact with your skin.

Your families skin deserves all the love you can give it, start with their clothes!

Video Demonstration
Repurposable, healthy ingredients, quick to make!

Here are some other things you may find of interest
in providing for your family and for reaching your goals!
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From Canva to KDP
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using the very processes I used to publish
3 books in two months in 2021!


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and how to overcome obstacle.

Challenges currently available!
These challenges may include videos, worksheets in a Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support.


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This one is completely online on Facebook.

Each Day is numbered in the guides starting with December 1st..

Each day has various options, choose one or do them all, from scripture verse, activity options, videos, music, treats and more!

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Let's keep Christ in Christmas!


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