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What it is and How to Make it easy!

Have you thought emotional release means crying your eyes out?
Have you though emotional release is yelling in anger?
Do you stuff your emotions for fear of being judged if your express or share them?
Check out this class, and discover more ways emotions can be showing up as you bring them  up, process, let flow and let them go!
Discover what trigger points are and how they get stored in your body.
Discover why trigger point are important.
Discover how you can prepare those around you for supporting your Emotional Release!
Discover things you can do for your own support.

Are you ready for understanding Emotional Release?
Are you ready for making Emotional Release easier?

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With your Class recording you can... 

  • find out how an experience not processed in the moment gets stored in your body
  • discover signals you are emotionally detoxing
  • discover some techniques for helping you flow your emotions in healthy ways
  • and more
Designed to help you feel comfortable processing your emotions and knowing when it is time to let them flow and then let them go!!