Here is your Feelings Kit Protocol!
D. Gary Young recommends doing this protocol for 30 days, morning and night. 
ALL the FEELS are covered in this protocol.

D. Gary Young created this protocol and has intended for you to use daily for 30 days both morning and evening.

(from Releasing Emotional Patterns with essential Oils by Carolyn Mein) One of the most powerful uses for essential oils is for the brain(for emotions). It is where oils really get to show off

Also....did you know this?
You can inherit emotions!!!!
That is right, new research shows your ancestors emotional responses and fears can be inherited biologically through your DNA via chemical changes. (from Nat Nuerosci 2014, Jan 17(1)89-96)
So I hope you see just how important emotional protocols can be in helping us process and let go of our "emotional baggage"

So is it time for you to process your emotions?

With your Feeling Kit protocol you can... 

  • be guided through each step clearly 
  • Print out and use wherever, or screen shot and use anytime emotions are up
  • Flow through the protocol as fast or as slow as your desire
  • Discover ways emotions may be processing, there are many more ways than just tears flowing
Designed specifically for The Feelings Kit by Young Living. Protocol originally created by D. Gary Young. 

The protocol is intended to be done for 30 days, morning and evening.  

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Looking for further support with this protocol?
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If you choose to get the class, there is also a playbook, which allows you to journal each day about what you notice emotionally for you and a bonus tracking calendar. You can check the class out by clicking below.

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