Here is your feelings Kit Protocol Playbook!
D. Gary Young recommends doing this protocol for 30 days, morning and night. 
With your Playbook, you can track your progress. 

* track emotions which come up
* track body indicators
* clear out roadblocks
* and more!

Designed specifically for The Feelings Kit by Young Living. Protocol originally created by D. Gary Young. Various adaptations from multiple sources. This adaptations is my personal version and is a combination of various adaptations and other tools I have come to awareness of. 

This playbook is for with The Feeling Kit Protocol Class, presented on April 12, 2022

Download your playbook here!

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With these Flip Cards you can

  • See each step clearly 
  • Use where ever works for you
  • Card them with you
  • See Oil, decrees, application points and yoga pose all one one card
  • Track your 30 day progress
Are you ready to make your Feeling Kit Protocol Fun & Easy?

Grab your Flip Cards here!
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