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Activate your Sense~Abilities with your guided journaling playsheet!
Feel Motivated!
Make progress towards your hopes and dreams!
Get in alignment!

Guided journaling is a great way for bringing your senses into alignment.
Guided journaling is a great way for discover your next step.
Guided journaling is a great way for gaining motivation and empowerment.

Start today by printing and using your playsheet.


Hey, did you also know?
This page comes from my book...
Putting on my Armor of God
Guided journaling for empowerment through
activating your Sense~Abilities!

Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2021

Do you wake up already feeling defeated?
Do you feel drained and overwhelmed with all you have to do?

Check out "Putting On My Armour of God, My Daily Empowerment Journal".
A daily journal for those choosing to start their day empowered by combining prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, scripture or other readings, inspiration, action steps, aromas of essential oils or other botanical and decrees.

Starting your day empowered means you are ready for any challenge placed before you and are powered with the ability to handle those situations with grace and ease. Solutions for your everyday challenges come for you with ease.

Your journal contains a custom index for you to record your topics from each day for easy reference at a later date. With plenty of journal pages, and each with sections to flow through, each provides strength for different areas of your life. Journaling is a powerful tool you can add in with your morning routine. Journaling using Putting On My Armour of God, my daily Empowerment journal makes journaling fun and easy!

Some benefits of daily journaling are:

~Increases sense of calm
~Supports emotional well being
~Supports mental well being
~Improves immune function
~Boosts mood
~Keep mind sharp and focused
~Help you with your goal achievement

Your journal was created with you in mind, and what will be most effective in empowering you for your day ahead.

Are you ready for improved emotional support?
Are you ready for improved mental well being?
Are you ready to reach your goals?
Are you ready to be empowered for your day?

If you answered YES, start your empowering morning routine using Putting on My Armour of God, My daily Empowerment journal today!