Thank you for reaching out for your health and wellness! 
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Here are my three options available for supporting your health and wellness.
Choose which one resonates most for you!

Options for You!
Select the one you connect with the most!

Aroma Freedom Technique
Energy TUNE UP Session
Intuitive Mentoring Session
Your step by step session
will help you clear our your
emotional charge on your 
particular situation so you
can move forward in your 
grace and ease!
We tune up our vehicles
when they spit and sputter.
If you are spitting and sputtering,
perhaps it is time for your Tune Up!
I will facilitate you getting your 7 
energy centers back In Tune,
so you run smoothly!

Customized for your particular
You will be invited to use tools
specific for your walls, to 
break through
and move forward
towards your desired outcome!
I am grateful in my ability to serve you.
Please remember this is a pay what you can service in supporting 
you on your journey. 

Please send payment via e-transfer
with mention in note for what payment is for.
Thank You!