Me Kan Do Starter Package
*One Time Purchase per Client
*Meeting venue may vary based on client accessibility and needs
**Prices subject to change without warning/notice, current mentoring packages purchased will be fully honored
~All sessions are intuitively guided nd based on your individual needs~
Package Includes: 
Congratulations on taking the first steps towards reaching your goals.

With this package you will have a great start, and have some tools to help you in reaching your goals with fun and ease. Success feels amazing!

This package includes:

~1 half half hour(complimentary intro session to see if we are a fit) 
~Two -One hour sessions, Customized One on One mentoring sessions via *Zoom. Calls are recorded, when available, for your reference and playback as desired. Sessions are customized to your goal achievement needs.
~weekly e-mail check ins, for accountability
~Mentee files starter pack -printable pages of tools to help you in reaching your goals and tracking your progress. May vary per client based on needs
~Aroma Freedom Session (for clearing out what is holding you back)

Aroma Reset Audio Recording 
Aroma Reset Script
~up to 3, 15 min Emergency UnStuck Calls (for when you get stuck in your progress) 

Investment in You  $555
Personal Results: Priceless!

Time frame for completion: 2 months
* May choose to do  three - one hour sessions (total time -  including AFT session)
Why Mentor With Me
~ I will ignite in you how to activate all your senses to speed up your results in achieving your goals
~ I will ignite in you tools to help empower you and give you your strength required in easily breaking through your walls and supercharge your results
~I will ignite in you techniques for letting go of things that are holding you back and getting in your way
~I will inspire you to take action!
I was nervous. I thought ‘what do we have to talk about’ and ‘what do we even do’ Throughout the course of the 8 weeks I became more welcoming of the idea of having a mentor. Normally I don’t like talking to people about my life but she helped me open up and reach my goal. I am very appreciative of this because not only did this program help her to help me open up and reach my goal but it also helped me let go of something that I was holding onto from my past. The eight weeks Tammy mentored me was great and she could easily tell ... that I was happier, more energetic,  more loving of myself.
                                                                                       Thank you, Alyssa

From past encounters and exchanges with Tammy, I knew that it would be a positive and beneficial experience. Her gentle wisdom, which I had observed, was confirmed during the mentoring program. Even better, I grew to appreciate her ability to empathize and truly understand where I was and where I wanted to be. The exercises and insights she provided were perfect stepping stones to help me reach and surpass my goal. 
          As a mentor, Tammy is compassionate and tactful, but even more important to me, she is absolutely trustworthy. When you are sharing pieces of your life or your insecurities you want to do so with complete trust, knowing they are in safe hands. 
                                                                        Joy L