Putting on My Armor of God, My Daily Empowerment Journal eBook!
Activating your sense-abilities each day!
Here it is! Start your Empowerment Journey today.

See how this journal is unlike any other. Each section is purposed for activating your senses! When your senses are online- your are empowered! You be-come consciously aware, and when you are consciously aware, you can make NEW CHOICES which can lead to your NEW RESULTS!

Your eBook includes:

~Printable pages you can put into a binder.
~Index pages for keeping track of your inspirations, ah ha's and other gold nuggets of wisdom
~Scripture and Quote pages
~How to Use This Journal pages
~Printable Journal page=print as required daily
~More about the author
~More ways to connect
~and link to a FREE gift~

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EBook PuttingOnMyArmorOfGod Journal 

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