Congrats and Welcome!

You made a great Choice!
You chose to STOP (or decrease) watching TELL-A-VISION devices
Discover how activating your imagination
can help bring your goals into reality!

Welcome to this beginner instructional training on how to activate
our powerful visual sense-ability

Download your Vision Boarding
PlayBook here!

BONUS! Download your Daily
Routine file here!

Session 1
Creating your Vision Board
and Picking Your First Goal

Session 2
Understanding How to Use Your Vision Board 

Session 3
Overcoming Challenges with Vision Boarding 

Here is your BONUSES!!!
Aroma Reset for Vision Boarding 

Save as copy, first then fill in and print as desired. I like to fill my checks in, print and then take
a picture of me with my checks.

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You will find added tips for leveling up your vision board.
*See how to overcome challenges
*Ways to amplify your results
*How to make this fun and easy

Find support and ask questions.
I got you covered!
Are you looking for your Mentor for Reaching your Goals?
Personal ONE on ONE mentoring with me can help
*I can see what is in your way, and help you know
what tools to use in overcoming your walls
* I can hear word patterns being used
and indicate and area for your strength returning
and help with word upgrades
*I can see body responses showing your hold back
and help you clear and restore your blessing
simply waiting for your acceptance

Invest in your success today!

YOU         +         MENTOR         =         SUCCESS!

*Please note this is an edited version of a pre-recorded-3 session
live webinar which took place in June 2020.
All the valuable content remains. Edits were of family interruptions and technology issues.
I have a special needs family and choose not to let 
those challenges prevent me
from sharing my valuable information with all of you!