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Welcome to Class!
I am so excited for assisting you in Activating your Sense-Abilities!  
In your FREE class you will be activating your Superpower Sense of smell.
In activating your sense of smell, I highly important using natural botanical options. My preference is pure high quality essential oils, in particular Young Living brand. You can see why here. However, if you do not have access to pure, high quality essential oils, here are some possible alternatives.

* Fresh or Dried Herbs
* Spices, or a cinnamon stick
* Fresh citrus fruit and a way to scrape the rind to release the oils.
* A small piece of pine or fir tree branch
* Fresh flowers

Keys aromas to avoid, they are typically synthetic

* Scented candles
* Body lotions

Basically think fresh from the kitchen or nature!
(Remember natural = nature) 

Please note some classes require specific oils. An option to purchase samples would have been provided and samples will be mailed to your provided mailing address. Depending on when you signed up your samples may or may not arrive in time. No worries, please still join your class and then once you have your samples and your recording your can go through again. I have come to understand that there is great benefit in our intention and in repetition.

Make sure to mark your class in your scheduler. Set an alarm if that works for you, I have to do this!

See you in class!

Check out why I choose high quality oils by Young Living for 
activating my sense of smell!
You can learn more about their quality standards at

Did you know?
I also offer One on One session!

Aroma Freedom Sessions
Move gently from past hurt and trauma into your empowered now!

There are 6 different techniques, each for specific purposes and time frames,
from your past, present and future.
From feeling haunted, worried, triggered and more!
There is a technique for each.

Are you struggling to over come a particular challenge?
Does the same situation keep triggering you over and over again?
Do you feel stuck in moving forward towards your goal?

Using the aromas from pure high quality essentials oils, and your powerful sense of smell to activate a permanent shift in your thoughts, feeling and memories. Essentials oils have the amazing ability to calm the mind and shift perspective. Book you session today to experience just how effective and powerful this gentle process is!

Receive your upgrades, your blessing, your empowerment  and schedule your investment in yourself today!

As a Masterful student of Sacred Body Language Translations, I am also able to help facilitate your upgrades, and your strengths returning.

The experience of Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is a very effective step for individuals struggling with finding a way to help change negative thought patterns or being stuck when they refuse to let go of issues they cannot control, as well as being incapable of forming words to express one’s feelings and identifying a goal to put into action for continuing the AFT on their own. The AFT steps along with the use of Emotional Oils helped me place in perspective my ability to change negative emotional patterns. I saw my patterns changing from negative thoughts to relaxing and happy feelings. Also, the steps helped with confronting fears that held me back from change. I do not continually practice the steps on my own after the initial AFT experience but I see when I practice/use the AFT steps I returned to the relaxing and happy state of being. The experience of AFT adding the Essential Oils helped me accomplish changing thought patterns.  Being able to honestly speak my truth to family members and other people, has been attainable. I am thankful Tammy heard my concerns when I could not put into words my thoughts or feelings enabling her the ability to help me forward during the session. Tammy’s ability to listen is the assuring she is well capable of implementing the AFT with ease.  Thank you, Tammy for a productive AFT session along with incorporating the Essential Oils.