Welcome to the 
Neuro-Endocrine Center for Balancing!
Energy "Tune Up"
Are you tired of feeling out of sync and disconnected from your true self? 
Do you often experience emotional imbalances, 
lack of energy, or physical ailments that just won't go away?

 At our center, we understand the struggles you face when your 
energy centers are out of balance, 
and I'm here to help you find harmony and alignment once again.

Our body systems are connected with our 7 major Neuro Endocrine systems.
Each energy center supports various parts of our body and functioning.
 Stresses of life and struggles may result in blockages or even gaps in our energy flow, 
for optimal functioning of our energy systems,

Your "TUNE UP' may be required if:
 ~Your signals are showing up as pain
~You are feeling tired and drained
 ~You are living below optimum energy levels
~You experience low motivation 

Just as you "TUNE UP" you vehicle to keep it in good running order, 
 giving yourself regular  "TUNE UPs" helps in keeping 
you in good running order

Your "TUNE UP" can help you facilitate you, 
in unblocking your energy centers, and reconnect those gaps
(similar in the way we get a quick tune-up 
makes our vehicles run smoother), 
empowering you in returning to your daily life with
Grace and Ease!

I facilitate energy for your identifying and resolving 
your specific energy center imbalance(s) that are holding you back. 
By addressing your underlying issues, I create your personalized roadmap
 for restoring harmony to your energy centers, 
allowing you to experience a renewed sense of vitality, 
emotional stability, and spiritual growth.

Whether you're struggling with 
physical pain
 or a lack of clarity in your life

 my holistic approach to chakra balancing 
will help you find the solutions you've been searching for.
 Through a combination of cutting-edge techniques
 and ancient wisdom, I empower you
 in taking control of your energy,
transforming your life from the inside out.
If you're ready to release your blocks
that are hindering your spiritual and emotional well-being,
 book your Neuro-Endocrine Balancing session today.
Embrace your life filled with balance, 
vitality, and a deep connection to your true self.
 Book today to embark on your transformative
 journey towards chakra alignment and self-discovery.

What is involved in this technique?

Your session will be done while you relax on my massage table, your clothing remains on.
You may be asked to turn over halfway through, depending on your intuitively led TUNE UP.


I will balance each of your energy centers, both from front and from back.
clearing out of balance energy through a
specific clearing technique using tuning forks.

Simply breathe deeply and slowing during your session.
If you feel inclined to, add your decree...
One I like using is
"I lovingly and willingly, let go of ALL no longer serving me"

I will then re-check all your energy centers confirming they are all in balance.
If further clearing is required I will repeat where necessary.

What is the purpose of this technique?

My goal is facilitating your own body's natural 
 divine design for clearing any blockages or interferences
and filling any gaps in energy flow. 
When you clear your blockages or interference
and restore your gaps,
then your body's energies can flow freely
as they are designed to do.


~Help support your endocrine system
~Help support feelings of comfort and ease
~Help support feelings of calm  
~Help support rest & relaxation
~Help support overall balance

Energy TUNE UP
Tuning of "OUT of TUNE" Energy Centers
In your Energy Tune Up Spark session, I will check to see which energy centers are out of tune and then will TUNE them Up. This may be one or more centers. 

Your session may be up to 30 minutes.
Tuning of ALL Energy Centers, both front and back, along with intuitively led SBL Translations
In your Intensive Energy TUNE UP, I will be checking and Tuning up all your energy centers.  I will be also asking you question on specific blocked areas and offering decrees for your deeper and longer lasting Tune Up results as you clear your current blockage as well as your deeper reason for your blockage.

Your full session may take up to an hour. Your session is intuitively led and no two sessions will be the same.

Client Result
This was my clients result for just 5 minutes
using tuning forks up and down either side of his spine.
Client stated before session he could not bend comfortably and
after a few minutes he stated he could breathe. He had not mentioned any breathing issue pre session.
Can you see the difference?

*This was not an Energy TUNE UP session. Just showing another way tuning forks
are beneficial. Many shifts are on the inner and are more subtle.
**Individual results may vary from person to person

Preparation for your session?
Sessions are 30 minutes -1 hour 
Please dress comfortably.

I will be accessing the following locations: 
7 Endocrine Centers from Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown

Studies show before your energy clearing session, 
it is beneficial to avoid caffeine and sugary/processed foods. 
also sticking to a clean diet the rest of the day and the next day.

*Individual results may vary as each person will have their own unique experience.
I do not treat, diagnose, prescribe or otherwise perform any medical procedure. Seek out your health care provider for support in any of these areas

Possible After Technique Effects
Detox is Normal~You are Clearing Things OUT!
Our LIVER, KIDNEYS and COLON are how we typically detox daily. 
Urine, sweat and mucus are just a few other possible ways. 

However if they are 
overburdened our body will use our skin.

 As a result you may develop a rash.

 You may experience one or more of the following:

Increased energy
Emotional let go
Temporary skin redness/warmth
Possible rash from toxin removal (often mistaken for allergic response)
Mucous drainage
Bowel Movements( let that $#!+ go)
or other short term effects

Studies show for support post session
to assist with natural detox ...
( If you have after experience results, possible option for trying may include:)

Rest or Take naps
Drink more water (for support in flushing toxins and hydration)
Application of carrier oil(for redness/heat)
Epsom Salt bath

Grounding(bare feet on earth)

Trust what your body is telling. For example,  feeling sleepy , rest.

*If oils get in eyes, use carrier oil to flush NOT water

Detoxification is a real everyday thing . Each person's experience may differ, some may do it with emotions, some feel a physical release, and some see it on the skin. Some also feel it as a sense of calm, relaxation, improved sleep and peace. However you experience it, please recognize, celebrate and enjoy your process.
Immediately after your session, I will offer you a glass of water. Again studies show water helps your body's natural detoxification process.




Check out what people are saying!
Clarity & Presence


. I have had two sessions so far. .... helped me get rid of negative thoughts, feelings & emotions, so that I could focus on my goals, unhindered.

Refreshed and Calm

Peace & Calm


So my hubby's leg was hurting bad last night. Oils, lights and forks... and it was better before he went to bed. This morning he said it was almost gone, and we slept on an air mattress at his dad's! He is really amazed, it still feels good! 

Refreshed and Calm