Here is your feelings Kit Protocol class recording!
D. Gary Young recommends doing this protocol for 30 days, morning and night. 
ALL the FEELS are covered in this class.

Many of us, including myself,  have a tendency to carry around our stuffed, blocked, hidden, emotions. You may be familiar with the term "Emotional Baggage" , well that is because emotions are HEAVY and weigh us down. Yup, that means some of your extra inches could be due to those unresolved emotions. 

Some interesting facts:
The emotional center of our brain ONLY responds to our sense of smell when letting go of stored trauma and emotions( Based on Research done at New York  University, where they proved only through sense of smell , not touch, sound,  or sight to release emotional trauma from Releasing Emotional Patterns with essential Oils by Carolyn Mein) 

Also....did you know this?
You can inherit emotions!!!!
That is right, new research shows your ancestors emotional responses and fears can be inherited biologically through your DNA via chemical changes. (from Nat Nuerosci 2014, Jan 17(1)89-96)
So I hope you see just how important emotional protocols can be in helping us process and let go of our "emotional baggage"

So is it time for you to process your emotions?

With your Class recording you can... 

  • be guided through each step clearly 
  • Use on any of your devices
  • Pause as required as you flow through the protocol as fast or as slow as your desire
  • See oil, decrees, application points and even do a yoga pose 
  • Discover ways emotions may be processing, there are many more ways than just tears flowing
Designed specifically for The Feelings Kit by Young Living. Protocol originally created by D. Gary Young. Various adaptations from multiple sources during my research. This adaptations is my personal version and combinations various adaptations and other tools I have awareness of as also beneficial in our emotional processing. 

The protocol is intended to be done for 30 days, morning and evening.  If you would like my printable PlayBook you can get yours here for doing this protocol for the recommended 30 days!

The Feelings Kit Protocol
Class Recording!
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