My Daily Gratitude and Prayer Journal

Printable pages for 100 days
of Prayer and Gratitude!

My Daily Gratitude and Prayer Journal Includes!
Printable pages for 100 days of Prayer and Gratitude!
Gratitude is a powerful tool we often forget to utilize in our lives. We can quickly get caught up in all the things that seems to go wrong.

Do you get focused on the negative?
Do you catch yourself complaining?
Do you find yourself blaming?

Shift your experiences around quickly and easily by simply choosing to focus on your blessings! What good is a result of your experience? situation? your people in your life?

Join the 100 day challenge and discover for yourself how amazing this tool is!

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If you are enjoying your journaling experience...
Consider trying Putting on My Armor of God;
My Daily Empowerment Journal!
Activating your Sense~Abilites!

Size: 7.5" x 9.25"
Pages: 242

Not sure if you will enjoy this journal, grab the eBook version here. Includes all the introductory pages, explanation pages etc. , and a printable copy of the JOURNAL Page!


Putting on My Armor of God
Daily Empowerment Journal

Do you feel defeated before your day even begins?
Does your energy always feel low or non existent?
Does you feel like your life has no purpose?

Discover what others have known for ages!

 The power of self reflection, of immersion in scriptures or other uplifting material. The power of gratitude and forgiveness. The power of essential oils, the life blood of plants, paired with decrees. The power of recognizing your personal inspirations, and recording them. The power of progress as you document actions steps and complete your steps.

Within these pages you will create your own clear Divine wisdom, and guidance in a world where confusion abounds. This is a powerful way to journal. 

Since I have been using this method of journaling, I have accomplished many goals. I have received so much life changing personal revelation.

A latter day prophet, President Russell M. Nelson has said "In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, & constant influence of the Holy Ghost"

Using a journal like mine will help you stay connected to the Holy Ghost, your inner voice, and whomever your Higher Power is.

Begin your  empowering journaling journey today!