Congrats and Welcome!

You made a great Choice!
You are choosing to value your time, and make the most of
you valuable commodity. We have two valuable commodities...

Unlike money, once your time is spent, it is gone!
Money can be invested to grow and increase.

You can invest your time in exchange for things, 
however then that time investment of your time is gone!

Download your Time Masters
PlayBook here!

Module 1
Time Stories
Are you ready to have more free time?
Are you ready to have time for the things you enjoy?
Are you ready to invest in you?
Only when we do something different, do we get a new result!
Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
Print your workbook, in the files section. Each day we cover things in there. Yes it will require some of your time, and will result in your having more time in the end! Sounds great, right?
I will be live in here daily to show how I use time blocking and the other tools in the workbook to help me accomplish all the things!
Are you ready?
Today notice the "time Stories" you use. There are samples in the workbook. They will help you in your awareness. Write yours down. If you don't catch any today, notice which ones in the samples you have used in the past.
I will share live how to "flip" those old stories into your new ones.
Remember it is not about right or wrong, it is about having fun!

Module 2
Where does you time actually go?
Today we will track where our time goes. How much time does things really take? 
Include travel time, wait times, delays, phone time, interruptions, account for all your time for today!
Have fun doing this, making this fun, will bring the best results!

Module 3
Priorities, Priorities! 

Look at where you spent/invested your time yesterday, are you happy with your time choices? Where can you make adjustments?
Print your sheet on priorities and sort them by importance to you.
What things matter most for you?
What can you let go of? what is no longer serving you?
After you sort these, then print another time sheet and fill in time for your priorities in order of priority. Ex. Priority #1 goes first and then #2 second and so on.
This could be for today or tomorrow, your time tracking sheet is broken into 15 minutes increments. I will show you in today's live how I fill in my sheet.

Module 4
To Do's and Ta Da's

How did yesterday go? What were your successes?
Today we will be discussing TO DO's vs TA DA's
Join me live as I explain this in more detail.
Print your sheet and list your To Do's for today, then at the end of the day (or as your day goes by), list your Ta Da's
Notice which "feels" better? What feels different about To Do's  VS TaDa's?
Your key here is recognizing and celebrating all you do, this fuels you for success!

Module 5
Goals and Tracking Steps

You did it! Woo hoo!
So how did you feel noticing and tracking your Ta Da's? Did you feel successful? 
Today we will talk about Goals and action steps towards your goal.
Having goals is great but if there is never any steps taken, your result may never achieved.
Pick one goal, one thing you desire having and mark down your first idea, your first step that comes for you.
Document your idea for your step and fill in your date your step was taken.
Then do the same for your second step...repeat repeat repeat until your goal is achieved. 
Instead of being one giant step, your goal is achieved in taking several smaller steps and now you have your goal!
What is your first step?

BONUS Videos
Am P m Card ~ A Small & Powerful Tool

Bring consistent is a great sign you can achieve goals.
Anyone can do something for a short amount of time, few can do for long term
Start with one or two things, build as desired
Creates personal accountability
Adjust as required, I adjust mine often

Time Freedom Technique!
Use this tool to quickly upgrade your old time stories, the ones you made up
recent or long ago, that are holding you back from achieving your time mastery
goals. Use anytime a time story comes up for you to quickly keep 
on track with time!

ONLY for Time Masters!
Time Masters Decree Card Deck

  • 34 Different Decrees, one for each day of the month plus a few extras!
  • Daily action steps, to go along with your decree!
  • Improve your relationship with time!
  • Fun & Easy!

Are you ready to improve your time relationship in a fun and easy way?

Grab your deck here

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Invest in your success today!

YOU         +         MENTOR         =         SUCCESS!

*Please note this is an edited version of a pre-recorded-5 session
challenge which took place in April 2021.
All the valuable content remains. Edits were of family interruptions and technology issues.
I have a special needs family and choose not to let 
those challenges prevent me
from sharing my valuable information with all of you!