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June 7, 2023
Atlantic Standard Time
(8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pmMST, 5pm PST)
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Do you find everyday a challenge?
Do you fly off the handle with ease?
Do you feel like giving up?

Then check out this class
Thanks so much for your interest in Activate Your SENSE~ABILITIES class.

We will be activating our SUPERPOWER sense.
Did you know you have a superpower sense?
Your Sense of Smell!
Do you experience complaining?
Do you get frustrated with your circumstances?
Do you struggle feeling supported? 

Are you ready for your empowerment?
Restore your Confidence
Get Clarity on what is next
Feel empowered for your life

click the link to sign up, class is FREE!


A Few Benefits of this process

*Feel more confident in your choices
*Remove blocks so you can move forward with ease
*Improve your intuition and connection with your emotional self
*Restore peace of mind
*Improve overall confidence
*Remove the emotional charge attached to current situations
*Empower yourself in making your best life choices

All through using proven techniques for success!

This process is...

Fast and effective
Gentle and safe
Great for all ages
Fun and easy!

All sessions are intuitively led. 
I Am a Masterful Student of Sacred Body Language Translations, 
and with your permission, I will include, as my gift for you, in restoring your
strengths and blessing during your class!

My Clients are Saying...
Hear what others are saying about the process and their results

Well Oiled Life...  Services offered
                            Activate Your Sense-Abilities!

Disclaimer Notice:
 I am not a medical professional, therapist or counselor. Aroma Freedom Techniques are non-medical and are not designed to replace, treat or diagnose any medical condition or current treatments.  The process is also not psychotherapy and it not intended to replace any such treatments. The processes can bring up past memories and traumas, however the sharing of those situations and their details are not required for successful sessions. The process is based on neuroscience, the powerful affects and response to our sense of smell and the olfactory systems' nature and unfiltered function and ability to process emotions and memories, and was created by Dr. Benjamin Perkus. Each practitioner may add in their own personal style to the process. 

If you are further interested in this process and receiving your own certification, Dr Perkus offers online training in formal classes or 
a self paced option. You can research more and sign up here!

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A Little About Me 
I am a Divine Daughter of God and I am here to help others find their self worth, achieve their goals, overcome their walls, find their life missions and live their best lives. 
I am a wife to the most amazing, strong, loving, hero of a man. He is my hero because he keeps smiling and going despite off the charts chronic pain, some paralysis and a brain injury.
I am the mother to 6 of the most talented, generous, caring children, ranging in ages from 31– 13(2020), 2 boy and four girls. One adult, special needs with Cri Du Chat Syndrome. I am a grandmother to 6 energetic, loving, sweet grandchildren. 
I am an ongoing student of life, self mastery and personal growth. I am a team leader and advocate for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. I am the oldest child of three girls. I am the daughter  of George and Bev Hawksworth. I am a Young Living Representative. I consider myself a Jane of All Trades...who loves life and learning.


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