How Do You Let Go of CHO?

You know you are familiar with this scenario.
You set a plan to lose a specific amount of weight, you sign up for a membership, you buy a cute outfit or two for working out, you shop for healthier food options and things are going great and then something happens and you quit.

Maybe you were triggered, maybe someone made a rude comment, maybe you hit a plateau, maybe the scales didn't move, or maybe they moved but in the wrong direct. I could go on and on. 
Basically it just all seemed TOO MUCH! Too much effort, too much work, too much self control, too much restrictions, just TOO MUCH!

Can you relate?

What if you have been lied to all these years?
What if your size management process was actually fun AND easy?

Check out my PODCAST Activate Your Sense Abilities on Anchor and look for Let Go My CHO. You are going to find this episode very enlightening!

I am joined by my fabulous and enthusiastic co host Chantay Cobb, who has been hosting her room on Clubhouse  Ancient Oils of The Bible, in her When Black Girls Meditate Club, since mid-January with her focus on Essential Oils, Breathing and weight loss.

I have been experiencing some huge ah ha's in regards with and we decided it would be fun to do a PODCAST together.

Have I intrigued you for your weight loss journey?
If so check out my PODCAST here.
Discover how simple and easy it is to Let Go Your CHO!
PS I let go 14.5" at the time of PODCAST publication 

Inspiring your success,
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