6 Lessons From God About Goal Achievement!

6 Lessons From God About Goal Achievement!
My mornings are my time I spend with my Higher Power, for me that is God.

Today's time brought some really great inspirations about God and goal achievements.

Some may ask " Does God really care about my goals?"
I suggest the answer is most definitely "YES!"

During my devotional time I was reading in Abraham, chapter 3, verses 11-20 and here is what came to me about my goals and God. This may not be in your book of scripture. That's okay, take what resonates for you.

Here are the lessons I remembered...

1. I can talk to God directly about my goals like I would talk to another person. Abraham talked face to face with God, just as he would another person. A mentor is like this, someone who has reached goals you have yet to achieve and is there for you. Of course, God accomplishes anything He desires to do, so He is the perfect mentor.

2. He (God) shared with Abraham all His creations. This was not to brag or be boastful, it was to show it can be done. So when a mentor is telling you of the goals they have reached, it is not to brag or be boastful, however it is to show you it can be done, they did it, you can too!

3. God multiplies our actions and results. Here God was referring to seed(children through generations) however creation is creation and if God has His hand in it , the actions & results will be multiplied.

4. There is always someone greater. Meaning, no matter where you are on your success and creative journey, there will always be someone to look up to as a mentor, who has reached the goal(s) you are taking action towards, and there will always be those not yet where you are, who you can mentor along the way. We support each other!

5. If it came into our heart, then our emotions are attached to our goal and if our emotions are attached, it is a heart centered righteous goal worthy of our success. If it is a head goal, it is just an idea with no personal connection, however when the heart is involved, there is emotional connection. Our reasons why we desire  our goal go up and so does our motivation to reach our goal. Know your reasons why! 


6. Satan, the adversary, has no power to stop my goal success, yes he, or others around you,  may try. However, angels will deliver us. All we require is asking for their(angels) assistance. 

So does God care about our goal success?

Absolutely YES!

Happy New Year 2022!

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Are You Reaching Your Goals?

Are You Reaching Your Goals?
From the time I was little, I had a goal....I want to get married and have 6 kids. I played with my dolls and imagined the reality of my future goal often.

I never really considered how my desire for a goal and the end results were connected. It just happened...or so I thought.

Now I know better, I now realize I can choose a desired outcome, focus my senses on that goal and I am able to purosefully achieve my desired outcome...often quite quickly.

I feel joy and excitement every time I am able to remove an achieved goal off my vision board into my vision board success binder (yes I keep track of this).

Two days ago I had the opportunity to transfer another achieved goal into my success binder.
I joined an essential oil company a few years ago and shortly after was introduced a technique that through the use of oils and connecting to my negative thougths, feeling and memories, I found I could easily and quickly removed block in my way of reaching my goals. 

This technique facinated me. I watched the creator and made lots of notes on how he did the technqiue. I volunteered to do session online with a oily group. I even did one on ones and a few in person groups. The results always were postive. I felt good, the participants felt good. I knew one day I would take the training.  I looked into the costs and set it on the "back burner" as currently the fee was out of my price range.
My finacial situation greatly improved in 2020 and I put it on my vision board and told myself, I will sign up when it comes on for half price. Shortly after that Dr. Perkus put it on for half price. I told my son, and he said "are you going to ask Troy(my hubby)?. I said yes, as soon as he wakes up.

I waited until he was medicated as he has chronic off the charts pain and it is the worste in the morning. As soon as he was, I asked. To my great surprise and enthusiasm...he said" sure' without any other comments. I SIGNED UP!

The course did not start until the new year but that was okay, I was grateful that is was not over the holidays.
It was a 8 week course so I would be required to be very focused and diligent in the program. This was slightly concerning as my family dynamic can be varying from day to day and that means I don't always get done what I desire to get done. Before the course started....this issue was dealt with as well....Dr. Perkus opened another option up...self paced!

Well, I was on that ASAP. Now I could work at my own pace and not stress about being done "On Time!"

I was able to attend the current classes' live sessions, I started slightly before them and ended slightly after.
I passed my LOV ..(my Live Observation Video of a session) with Mastery....talk about a pleasant surprise.
Now to finish putting my papges and pages of notes into the tracking form.

That part ook sometime and took the longest to be reviewed ...10 days ...which felt like forever.

I was just starting to get anxious about the results when there it was...a post with me tagged in it, that I was now certified. There was happy dancing, squeels, woohoos and high fives.

Just a little celebration excitment over here.

Goal achievement feels amazing, the process if fun!
I help others do this as well.

If you are desiring to reach your goals and struggle getting there. I help remove those wals in your way, so you get there as quick and as easy as possible and have fun along the way.

If this sounds like something you desire...check out my mentoring package here

If you are interested in also becomming a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner to help and serve others in a way that is meaningful, uplifting and easy way, that leaves your clients and you feeling amazing! then you can sign up here.

Have the Best Day Ever!

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FREE Group Mentoring Opportunity!

FREE Group Mentoring Opportunity!
My Friend,

Today I started a FREE mentoring group on Facebook. It is called Well Oiled Mentoring.

It is open to you and anyone wanting to learn how to reach a desired outcome. 

Do you know what your desired outcome is? 
Would you like helping figuring that out? 
I help you with that (January's session)

Each month I will go over a new technique or tool to help you reach your goal. 
Each month will build from the previous month. I would love to just share it all at once, but trust me that would just be too much! Information overload!

Do you set goals with the new year, only to give up shortly after?
Do you have a goal now but haven't even taken a step to reach that goal? 
Not sure where to start?
Do you have a goal but not sure what the first step is?
Do you get started with a lost of enthusiasm but slowly lose that momentum?

If this sounds like you, and you are ready to stop this cycle of not reaching your goals., then join the group.
Don't worry of you missed it live, the recording are in the group for later viewing and reviewing.

I will help you in reaching your goals...cause hey ...Kirk Duncan says....

"Goals are miracles in the making"

Let's create a year of miracles together!

Are you ready to be a miracle maker?

Click here to join my FREE Mentoring Group

and remember meeting are recorded for later viewing and available for a time in the group.

In this group you will ...

~learn tools to help you when you get feeling stuck or up against a wall
~learn tools to help you stay on track and making progress
~be motivated to set a desired outcome
~stay motivated to reach your desired outcome
~learn to tell if it is a real desire or just a passing thought
~feel supported as you move forward
~feel fulfilled as you work towards and achieve success

So, if this sounds like you are ready for your success now, simple click here to join.

The monthly event is scheduled in the group. My friend, you can check all the details out there now.

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I am have a number of  affiliates and by clicking the link(s) in my posts, I may receive an income from your doing so, thank you for your support! 

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Out with the Old, In with the New!

Out with the Old, In with the New!
What has 2020 meant to you?

It sure has been an interesting year for sure. A Global pandemic, conspiracy theories, face masks, hand sanitizer, shut downs, and more! 

I'm grateful that despite the many challenges 2020 brought, I was able to achieve many successes.
From being able to take the course that was on my Vision Board for over a year, to becoming financially free.

The course on my Vision Board was, up until 2020, only available to take, in person, in Utah. That meant a huge amount of things would be needed for it to happen. From childcare, to passport, to flight, to hotel booking, to scheduling, to meals and more. It would have been a real miracle and it would be for only one of the many courses this company offered.

Well, not only was I able to take that course, but also almost every other course this company offered.
How was this possible? Well, thanks to a global pandemic (no I am saying I am glad there was a pandemic) but due to the world changing how it ran things, I was able to take these courses virtually. I was able to take them all for about the cost it would have been for me to travel to take one.

I received two certificates from those courses. One received for The Launch, and another soon to be received for Intuitive Mentoring ( course completion materials have submitted). These are higher levels or some other programs I took first.

I achieved some financial goals that seemed pretty out there, but yup, reached all my current financial goals. I highly recommend taking a financial course, reading financial books and updating those old money programs from childhood.

My home is being put in order and will soon be finished and finally the way I have dreamt for it to be.
Being home more meant I had the time to work at this, plus I  also received the funds to make it happen.
I was able to slow down and spend more time with my family. I remembered to stay in touch more with people I cared about and found new ways to do that.

I learned to always have a supply of toilet paper, cause the first thing to go off the shelves is toilet paper, whatever the life event. Thankfully this was a normal thing for me.

So, what did 2020 bring to your life that was unexpected but a hidden blessing?

Were you able to find those hidden gems?

I intend to set and reach more goals in 2021. I would also love to help you set and reach your goals as well. I have the means and tools to help you do that.

Life is meant to enjoyed. I choose to find JOY.
Oh P.S. my word for 2021 is JOY....do you pick a word?

Happy New Year!
Here's to even more success and JOY.

Are you ready to make 2021 your best year ever?

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Cheers to Your Success!

Cheers to Your Success!
I know 2020 has had challenges, but I know if we really look in challenging times, we can find blessings, even huge blessings.
I have had a number of courses on my vision board for some time, and honestly had no idea how they would happen. Several were previously only offered in person, in the State of Utah. The company posted much online as mini classes or one hour trainings. I took as many as I learned were available. I kept envisioning me going one day. I even bought the ticket for the first one I planned to attend. The day came and went and I was not able to go. I was able to put my ticket in a kind of stand by.
Well, 2020 brought many changes to the way businesses had to operate to stay in business and this company was no exception. Their courses were gradually moved to online versions one by one. I actually started with a couple that were further down my wish list, since they were offered first. As one would end an amazing promo would be offered for the next. and so on. Still no word if the original one I planned to attend would go virtual.
Finally it went virtual and little did I know it was also their last time offering that class. I feel so blessed.
I was able to take almost all their classes virtually this past year for about the cost it would have been for me to hire a sitter, arrange a flight, book a hotel stay and pay for meals. Talk about an upgrade in some of the most challenging of times our society has know in recent years.
Well, my goals being reached haven't stopped there. We( hubby and I) reached some huge financial goals. We were able to pay off our mortgage in full, and all our debts in full and more.
Another course I have desired to take for about two years now also recently had a huge sale on their program, hubby agreed to make it my Christmas present. It starts in the New Years. What a great way to start 2021, with another goal being achieved.
In just a couple of months I will be able to say I am an Aroma Freedom Practitioner. I have been able to do sessions up until now on my self and on a number of friends and acquaintances for free, so I know I enjoy the process and I know the process works.
If a class like this interests you, you can check them out here.

If you are ready to start reaching your goals and need a mentor, I offer that too. To learn more click here.

What goals do you have for 2021? Is anything standing in your way?

What blessing have your received this past year?

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I am have a number of  affiliates and by clicking the link(s) in my posts, I may receive an income from your doing so, thank you for your support! 

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