When Do You Put Your Decorations Away?

When Do You Put Your Decorations Away?
Have you struggled with when to take down the tree and put the Christmas decorations away?

I have heard people who take down the day after Christmas, before the New Year, after the New Year, on a specific date.
Frankly it is a bit confusing to have so many conflicting ideas about when the decorations need to come down. Some appear to be family tradition, some are based on superstitions, so the question I have for you is....when do you take yours down and is there a reason why you do it when you do?

I tend to take it down whenever the energy level is there and the weather is also cooperative( we store everything in the garage, so means taking it all outside to get there. I think today was the earliest I have ever taken it down, but today was the day.

We have had it up since end on November so we have had plenty of time to enjoy it.

Another thing, do you store neatly and organized or is it just shoved in boxes to deal with next year?
I like to store in Rubbermaid totes. They have worked for me now for over 30 years, so I think I can say they work. I have an artificial tree and it also has it's own tub that fits the tree perfectly. I especially like to store my light sets in an organized way. I fold them back and forth, light at the top, then next light at the bottom and them wrap the end around the middle to secure. If it is a double ended set, I plug the one end into the other. This has also worked well over the years.

So go ahead, tell me when you take your decorations down and the reason why? my curious mind wants to know!

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