How To See God in the Details!

How To See God in the Details!
Hi Friend,

Today was Fast and Testimony meeting at my church. I love when we have this meeting. People share how their life has been blessed by God and often there is all those good feels emotionally, even though there are often tears.

I love taking notes even during this meeting as I often get some really cool ah ha’s. 

Today was filled with those gold nuggets.

Typically we have speakers assigned and their topics are fairly similar, themed you might say. Well that was the overall feel for today’s meeting although nothing was preplanned.

Our second testimony share was a brother who was told his trip would have miracles so he and he then proceeded to detail miracle after miracle on his trip and angel after angel who had helped him in some way. My thought at the close of his remarks was God is in the Details, and wrote this in my journal.
The next speaker shared a scripture about how every blessing comes from living the law attached to that blessing. We can basically have any blessing we choose if we live the requirements for having that blessing, This spoke law of Attraction to me. I had fun sharing this with a visual with my family about how if we are on one level, think like the floors in an elevator, but we want the next level up, then we need to do the things to reach the next level up. If we are held back at a level, something requires being cleared out before we can move to the next level.

Then another person spoke and asked us to play a game, so here is the game, play it with me. Look around you, wherever you are(unless you are driving) and notice all the red things, got it? Then close your eyes.
Now tell me all the blue things you saw.

 I loved this because he tied it into the first speaker’s share on his miracles and how because he was looking for his miracles, he could see them. If he was looking for something else, he may have missed them all.

So What are you focused on? And are you doing the things to acquire your outcomes?

Happy Sabbath Day,
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