My Favorite 3 Way to Process Emotions When Life Gets Tough

Life can throw unexpected challenges our way, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. In such times, it is crucial to have emotional release( let go) tools in our arsenal to help us move through these situations. These tools can help us process and gently let go of our emotional charge, providing us with a sense of relief and a clearer mind to deal with our problems and then see possible solutions.

One of the most effective emotional release tools is journaling. Writing down our thoughts and emotions can help us gain clarity about what we are feeling and why. It allows us to express ourselves freely without the fear of judgment, and we can look back at our writing later to track our progress. Journaling can help us identify patterns in our behavior, which can be useful in breaking unhealthy habits. I journal every morning. Sometime for just a few moments and other times for what feels like an hour.

Second is meditation. Meditation helps us calm our minds and focus on the present moment, allowing us to gain perspective on our situation. When we meditate, we can observe our thoughts and emotions without judgment, which can help us process them in a healthy way. Meditation can also help reduce stress and anxiety, making us more resilient to life's challenges. I typically do this before bed as a way to calm my busy mind.

Third, is using our sense of smell with a natural botanical. This tool may be new and unusual for you. However I invite you to experiment. I use a technique called Aroma Reset to quickly clear my emotional charge from a current frustrating or overwhelming situation so I can clearly see how to move through and stay calm.
If you are curious about this technique you can get my FREE script here.

Recently life threw some challenges my way. Hubby was in a vehicle accident-He is okay thankfully! Our vehicle -not so much! The insurance company decided to write it off. Typically this is a very fast process, you get your check and then search for your next vehicle. We have yet to receive our check a month post accident!
I am so grateful for these tools that are helping me stay calm and patient through this process.

In conclusion, emotional release tools can help us move through challenging life situations by providing us with healthy ways to process and let go our emotions. Whether it's through journaling, meditation, or Aroma Resets, finding what works for us can help us gain clarity, reduce stress, and feel more resilient.
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3 Ways to Deal with Triggering Situations

Tell me, has this happened to you?

Your day is going along just great, things are flowing with ease, you are feeling successful and in a great mood and then it happens...

Something happens to mess that all up! Your mood instantly changes, you get defensive or offended. 

What happened? Why did this happen?

This is called a TRIGGER POINT.  What is a trigger point you may ask. Well it is a point in time where your emotions and physical body say "Hey, we have been here before and this did not go so well."
We remember we created a story to cope with this situation. This story may actually not be serving us well. In fact, it is just made up because we did not process the situation in the moment. Then just like a file on a computer it got stored somewhere in our body system to deal with later. 

In comes our TRIGGER POINT. This is our body's way of saying "Hey, are we able to process this now?"
This happened to me recently when my 15 year old son decided to move in with his dad. Previously, my three older girls had done the same thing and I felt devastated. I still felt devastated, except this time I recognized my trigger, I chose to take action and process my trigger and now no longer feel triggered when I share with family about my son's choice. I mean, this stuff is powerful. I went from crying and anger to calm and clear in just two rounds of and AFT process. 

When we can recognize this is what is happening, then we can process it and create our new story or program that does serve us well.

So that is NUMBER 1, recognize your triggering situation. You can deal with it right then and there or make a note, on paper or in your phone, but make a note somewhere. 

Now that your are aware of your trigger the next step is to use a process or tool to help you reconcile your thoughts and feelings about your trigger.
Some tools I use are Aroma Freedom techniques ( these are my quickest tools for permanent results). Journaling, another great tool, however this takes more effort and time for me, and I enjoy quick and easy solutions. Another option is writing a letter to the person, vent it all out on paper, offering forgiveness and even forgive yourself, then destroy your letter in a safe and permanent way(paper shredder, woodstove, etc.)  NEVER give this letter to the person. This is for your eyes only! Another one that is great if you love nature, tell your situation to a tree, a big strong tree. Nature is so healing. 

So NUMBER 2, process your trigger point. 

Now notice if you still have any emotional charge when you think about your triggering situation?
If there is still a charge, repeat step 2, there may be something you have missed processing.

and the final step, NUMBER 3 is to create your new program, your new story. This looks a lot like an affirmation or decree. Generally they start with I AM statements, the keys being they are present tense. first person and personal. 

If you require help processing your trigger points, you can choose to book a one on one session with me here.
I quickly and easily help you move through your triggers and into your new stories with grace and ease.

Voting your victory in overcoming your triggers, so your days and full of grace and ease!

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I am have a number of  affiliates and by clicking the link(s) in my posts, I may receive an income from your doing so, thank you for your support! 

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Are You Reaching Your Goals?

Are You Reaching Your Goals?
From the time I was little, I had a goal....I want to get married and have 6 kids. I played with my dolls and imagined the reality of my future goal often.

I never really considered how my desire for a goal and the end results were connected. It just happened...or so I thought.

Now I know better, I now realize I can choose a desired outcome, focus my senses on that goal and I am able to purosefully achieve my desired outcome...often quite quickly.

I feel joy and excitement every time I am able to remove an achieved goal off my vision board into my vision board success binder (yes I keep track of this).

Two days ago I had the opportunity to transfer another achieved goal into my success binder.
I joined an essential oil company a few years ago and shortly after was introduced a technique that through the use of oils and connecting to my negative thougths, feeling and memories, I found I could easily and quickly removed block in my way of reaching my goals. 

This technique facinated me. I watched the creator and made lots of notes on how he did the technqiue. I volunteered to do session online with a oily group. I even did one on ones and a few in person groups. The results always were postive. I felt good, the participants felt good. I knew one day I would take the training.  I looked into the costs and set it on the "back burner" as currently the fee was out of my price range.
My finacial situation greatly improved in 2020 and I put it on my vision board and told myself, I will sign up when it comes on for half price. Shortly after that Dr. Perkus put it on for half price. I told my son, and he said "are you going to ask Troy(my hubby)?. I said yes, as soon as he wakes up.

I waited until he was medicated as he has chronic off the charts pain and it is the worste in the morning. As soon as he was, I asked. To my great surprise and enthusiasm...he said" sure' without any other comments. I SIGNED UP!

The course did not start until the new year but that was okay, I was grateful that is was not over the holidays.
It was a 8 week course so I would be required to be very focused and diligent in the program. This was slightly concerning as my family dynamic can be varying from day to day and that means I don't always get done what I desire to get done. Before the course started....this issue was dealt with as well....Dr. Perkus opened another option up...self paced!

Well, I was on that ASAP. Now I could work at my own pace and not stress about being done "On Time!"

I was able to attend the current classes' live sessions, I started slightly before them and ended slightly after.
I passed my LOV ..(my Live Observation Video of a session) with about a pleasant surprise.
Now to finish putting my papges and pages of notes into the tracking form.

That part ook sometime and took the longest to be reviewed ...10 days ...which felt like forever.

I was just starting to get anxious about the results when there it was...a post with me tagged in it, that I was now certified. There was happy dancing, squeels, woohoos and high fives.

Just a little celebration excitment over here.

Goal achievement feels amazing, the process if fun!
I help others do this as well.

If you are desiring to reach your goals and struggle getting there. I help remove those wals in your way, so you get there as quick and as easy as possible and have fun along the way.

If this sounds like something you desire...check out my mentoring package here

If you are interested in also becomming a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner to help and serve others in a way that is meaningful, uplifting and easy way, that leaves your clients and you feeling amazing! then you can sign up here.

Have the Best Day Ever!

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I am have a number of  affiliates and by clicking the link(s) in my posts, I may receive an income from your doing so, thank you for your support! 

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