Cheers to Your Success!

Cheers to Your Success!
I know 2020 has had challenges, but I know if we really look in challenging times, we can find blessings, even huge blessings.
I have had a number of courses on my vision board for some time, and honestly had no idea how they would happen. Several were previously only offered in person, in the State of Utah. The company posted much online as mini classes or one hour trainings. I took as many as I learned were available. I kept envisioning me going one day. I even bought the ticket for the first one I planned to attend. The day came and went and I was not able to go. I was able to put my ticket in a kind of stand by.
Well, 2020 brought many changes to the way businesses had to operate to stay in business and this company was no exception. Their courses were gradually moved to online versions one by one. I actually started with a couple that were further down my wish list, since they were offered first. As one would end an amazing promo would be offered for the next. and so on. Still no word if the original one I planned to attend would go virtual.
Finally it went virtual and little did I know it was also their last time offering that class. I feel so blessed.
I was able to take almost all their classes virtually this past year for about the cost it would have been for me to hire a sitter, arrange a flight, book a hotel stay and pay for meals. Talk about an upgrade in some of the most challenging of times our society has know in recent years.
Well, my goals being reached haven't stopped there. We( hubby and I) reached some huge financial goals. We were able to pay off our mortgage in full, and all our debts in full and more.
Another course I have desired to take for about two years now also recently had a huge sale on their program, hubby agreed to make it my Christmas present. It starts in the New Years. What a great way to start 2021, with another goal being achieved.
In just a couple of months I will be able to say I am an Aroma Freedom Practitioner. I have been able to do sessions up until now on my self and on a number of friends and acquaintances for free, so I know I enjoy the process and I know the process works.
If a class like this interests you, you can check them out here.

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What goals do you have for 2021? Is anything standing in your way?

What blessing have your received this past year?

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