The Essence of Grief

Are you grieving?
Have you experienced loss?
Are you struggling with flowing your emotions during loss?

Today my PODCAST is from a clubhouse adventure as a guest speaker in From Job2Joy. Gabriela Flores invited me as a guest speaker to share how my guided journal, Putting on My Armor of God, could help with processing grief. We were also joined by Tammy Davis who shared how essential oils also help with processing emotions.

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Grief processing is a process, do you flow through? or do you stuff and ignore? Flowing through is healthy and allows you to move on and return to your JOY. Stuffing and ignoring cause your body to store that emotional energy within itself, only to return and return through triggering situations, until you are ready to process. Stuffing may seem like the emotion has gone, however , it is more like it is in "holding" .  I great essential oil and simple decree for your grieving heart is Bergamot essential oil and "I AM spontaneous and in my moment", "I AM Divinely comforted"(I love this one),  or " I only feel my blessings and love".
I invite you to experiment with these and notice what is shifting for you.

So if Grief is a challenge for you now, go ahead listen in and see if you are able to discover some support as you go through you challenging time.

I love you, and pray for your restoration of your Joy!

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