Out with the Old, In with the New!

Out with the Old, In with the New!
What has 2020 meant to you?

It sure has been an interesting year for sure. A Global pandemic, conspiracy theories, face masks, hand sanitizer, shut downs, and more! 

I'm grateful that despite the many challenges 2020 brought, I was able to achieve many successes.
From being able to take the course that was on my Vision Board for over a year, to becoming financially free.

The course on my Vision Board was, up until 2020, only available to take, in person, in Utah. That meant a huge amount of things would be needed for it to happen. From childcare, to passport, to flight, to hotel booking, to scheduling, to meals and more. It would have been a real miracle and it would be for only one of the many courses this company offered.

Well, not only was I able to take that course, but also almost every other course this company offered.
How was this possible? Well, thanks to a global pandemic (no I am saying I am glad there was a pandemic) but due to the world changing how it ran things, I was able to take these courses virtually. I was able to take them all for about the cost it would have been for me to travel to take one.

I received two certificates from those courses. One received for The Launch, and another soon to be received for Intuitive Mentoring ( course completion materials have submitted). These are higher levels or some other programs I took first.

I achieved some financial goals that seemed pretty out there, but yup, reached all my current financial goals. I highly recommend taking a financial course, reading financial books and updating those old money programs from childhood.

My home is being put in order and will soon be finished and finally the way I have dreamt for it to be.
Being home more meant I had the time to work at this, plus I  also received the funds to make it happen.
I was able to slow down and spend more time with my family. I remembered to stay in touch more with people I cared about and found new ways to do that.

I learned to always have a supply of toilet paper, cause the first thing to go off the shelves is toilet paper, whatever the life event. Thankfully this was a normal thing for me.

So, what did 2020 bring to your life that was unexpected but a hidden blessing?

Were you able to find those hidden gems?

I intend to set and reach more goals in 2021. I would also love to help you set and reach your goals as well. I have the means and tools to help you do that.

Life is meant to enjoyed. I choose to find JOY.
Oh P.S. my word for 2021 is JOY....do you pick a word?

Happy New Year!
Here's to even more success and JOY.

Are you ready to make 2021 your best year ever?

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