3 Ways to Deal with Triggering Situations

Tell me, has this happened to you?

Your day is going along just great, things are flowing with ease, you are feeling successful and in a great mood and then it happens...

Something happens to mess that all up! Your mood instantly changes, you get defensive or offended. 

What happened? Why did this happen?

This is called a TRIGGER POINT.  What is a trigger point you may ask. Well it is a point in time where your emotions and physical body say "Hey, we have been here before and this did not go so well."
We remember we created a story to cope with this situation. This story may actually not be serving us well. In fact, it is just made up because we did not process the situation in the moment. Then just like a file on a computer it got stored somewhere in our body system to deal with later. 

In comes our TRIGGER POINT. This is our body's way of saying "Hey, are we able to process this now?"
This happened to me recently when my 15 year old son decided to move in with his dad. Previously, my three older girls had done the same thing and I felt devastated. I still felt devastated, except this time I recognized my trigger, I chose to take action and process my trigger and now no longer feel triggered when I share with family about my son's choice. I mean, this stuff is powerful. I went from crying and anger to calm and clear in just two rounds of and AFT process. 

When we can recognize this is what is happening, then we can process it and create our new story or program that does serve us well.

So that is NUMBER 1, recognize your triggering situation. You can deal with it right then and there or make a note, on paper or in your phone, but make a note somewhere. 

Now that your are aware of your trigger the next step is to use a process or tool to help you reconcile your thoughts and feelings about your trigger.
Some tools I use are Aroma Freedom techniques ( these are my quickest tools for permanent results). Journaling, another great tool, however this takes more effort and time for me, and I enjoy quick and easy solutions. Another option is writing a letter to the person, vent it all out on paper, offering forgiveness and even forgive yourself, then destroy your letter in a safe and permanent way(paper shredder, woodstove, etc.)  NEVER give this letter to the person. This is for your eyes only! Another one that is great if you love nature, tell your situation to a tree, a big strong tree. Nature is so healing. 

So NUMBER 2, process your trigger point. 

Now notice if you still have any emotional charge when you think about your triggering situation?
If there is still a charge, repeat step 2, there may be something you have missed processing.

and the final step, NUMBER 3 is to create your new program, your new story. This looks a lot like an affirmation or decree. Generally they start with I AM statements, the keys being they are present tense. first person and personal. 

If you require help processing your trigger points, you can choose to book a one on one session with me here.
I quickly and easily help you move through your triggers and into your new stories with grace and ease.

Voting your victory in overcoming your triggers, so your days and full of grace and ease!

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