How to Choose a Quality Essential Oil

If you're anything like me choose one brand from another can seem like "why bother"

I mean, there are definitely times when one brand really doesn't make much of a difference, and then there are times when brand makes ALL the difference!

I admit when I first got into essential oils, brand meant nothing to me, I wasn't even sure what oils did.

Ummmm...hello! Oils are super powerful and quality A.K.A. brand matters here. I have come to understand that not all brands are created equally.
I know price can be a huge consideration for many, however lets consider some other factors.

These oils are going into or on our body in some way, so purity matters. With so many sensitivities developing due to synthetic and harsh compounds in our everyday products, it really pays to take some time to look into the products we choose.

Another thing to consider is Value for investment!
Yes some products cost far less, but perhaps they have been diluted in some way. With the brand I chose, one drop goes a long way. Two drops could be too intense. How many drops do you require to achieve your desired outcome? 3? 5? more?

Another factor, is company transparency.
Can you inquire about testing the company does? the results? what are their quality standards? Where do their oils come from? Do they grow and harvest their own products? What are their production methods? Can you visit the farms ? fields? help plant? help harvest? See inside the facility? their lab? and more
This matters. Check out more at 

So here is my personal comparison clip I created to explain various quality of oils. See if you can make the connection.

How do you choose your quality essential oils?

Will you now take more consideration before choosing a brand?

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