Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers
Whether you believe in the power of prayer and prayers being answered is your choice. 

 I have received too many answers to my personal prayers to not believe.
 I however get super excited when my family members have their own spiritual experiences and have theirs answered.
  I have sometimes felt alone in my faith. I was the only active member in my family for a long time. Last November my husband decided to join (well he was baptized in November) as well. He made the decision a few months prior. 
 Well, the other day he misplaced the cover to the battery post for our truck. He has a brain injury, and it can make him either very forgetful OR super hyper focused on something. He was super hyper focused on losing this item. I went to help him search for it yesterday, knowing he often lays things down in random places and "loses" them as a result. I could not find it either. 
 So today he was looking again, and he decided to pray. He then reopened the truck hood and there was the cover. He was so grateful and thanked Heavenly Father right away.
 Now I don't know exactly how many times he looked there previously but I'm sure it was multiple times and I looked there as well, in and around and under. Neither of us could previously find it.
 Well, he opened the hood one more time and lo and behold there it was!
He has been in aww ever since. I am not sure, but I think this is his first recognition of his prayers being answered. I know he had answered prayers before. He has been in many accidents where his life could have been lost and he is still here, and he attributes this to God and prayers. Yet, this prayer was real and immediately connected for him.
 I am so grateful for his experience and him sharing it with me. 
 For me, those moments are faith builders!
 Have you had those? Have you had faith building prayers answered?

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