It’s Official, I Am A Published Author!!!

  Writing a book has been a goal of mine, however not an I’m writing one today kind of goal. More like a one day kind of goal.
 Exactly one month ago today I was participating in an Aroma Reset on Clubhouse hosted by my friend and fellow Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner, Dee Castelli. Typically the room does two flow throughs, one reset in one club and then again in another room in another club. I cleared out what was up for me that morning in the first room, and if I remember correctly I was forgiving a person I had some tension with. This cleared all that was up for me this morning. In fact I was so clear, in the following room, I was able to receive all I required for me to write my first book. I wrote all my inspirations down in my daily journal, which is so interesting, as my download was for a daily journal which included all my things I add in to my morning journaling routine.
 My previous journal has been a lovely journal and has helped me enjoy and develop my daily habit of journaling. Up until journaling using this particular format, I was previously never able to stick to journaling.
 The idea of having to document the details of my day was overwhelming for me. I would attempt and end up with pages for just one day. I would only ever do one or two days and then give up for months or even years before attempting again.
 About two years ago I came across my previously current journal and used almost every single day. So I went from rarely journaling, to rarely missing journal simply because of the process I used.
 My new method included prayer, gratitude, asking questions and scripture reading and then writing ideas.
 I always added in essential oils, decrees and occasionally action steps. My download has me upgrading and has added a few more things. I took my notes from my morning reset and set out creating my book. Everything flowed with ease. I was enjoying every second. I however had no idea what I was doing. I had never written a book before.
 I completed my basis for my journal in just four days!!!
 Now what, how do I get this published? I searched my online group for women running businesses from home and creating multiple income streams. Ah ha, KDP was a self publisher. I soon found out I had lots of adjustments and fine tuning for my book. I did not let this deter me. In fact I am grateful, I made so many upgrades for my book which I am very pleased with.
 So after many attempt to publish, to get my own ISBN number, and other experiences, my book just went live and for sale!
 Oh and if you have tried journaling your daily story and that has not worked for you, perhaps my journal will be a solution for you as well, if you have desired to keep a journal.
 You can grab your copy here…Get Your Copy Here!
 Thank you for celebrating with me!
 Woo Hoo! I Am A Published Author
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