4 Steps to overcome Self Sabotage-Week 1 Takeaway
I won 14 weeks of training with my favorite mentor and promised I would share my biggest takeaway from each week with you, so here is week 1!

Do you self sabotage?

Do you make excuses in your head not to do the thing you think you should be doing?
Do you avoid doing the thing?
Do you do anything and everything except the thing?

Well if you find yourself doing any of these, you may be in self sabotage. 

There are things you can do to get out of self sabotage and I am going to share the four things Ann suggests.

#1 Awareness : Oh look I am running a program here, and it keeps coming up
A great question to ask your self here is What Else Could Be True?

#2 Accepting: THis is my program, I created it or took it on from others, either way it is my program. Accepting it is my program, means I can change it. You will know this step is a challenge if you find yourself justifying or blaming.
A great question to ask here is What Am I Afraid Of? 
*This is also a great place for doing an Aroma Freedom Technique, you can schedule your session here if you would like help processing your old programs.

#3 Interrupt: This is where you create your new program, your new story, 
Ask yourself: What Do I Desire Instead? What Do I Choose instead?

#4 Be willing to change and Celebrate your Progress.
Taking conscious steps to move forward in your new story or program may take time and practice. Baby's don't walk instantly so stop expecting you to change instantly. Take those steps and celebrate your wins

One final tip in determining if a program is one to keep or upgrade: Ask Is my Program FOR ME or AGAINST ME?

I hope you enjoyed this week's insight.
What is your takeaway? What will you change?

Have a great day,
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