Can Vibrational Energy Create Alignment?

Recently my son came to me saying how his back cracked when he bent over and that he was in pain doing so. He was demonstrating as he shared, and was only bending forward a short way before straightening back up.

Well, knowing my resources available for supporting him. I offered tuning forks. He agreed. He has often refused, as he prefers to do other things with his time ( Video games or stunting with his bike), however does enjoy various techniques when he does agree.

This let me know he was fairly uncomfortable.

We went to my office and he sat on my ball chair back to me and I behind him. I used a pair of tuning forks called the Schumann Pair. (from Biofield Tuning). 

I chose to use the forks together going down either side of his spine and as I did, I got to his mid low back and the forks started going all wonky ( like they were going over a bumpy dirt road…lol). I asked if he would lift his shirt so I could see what was going on. 

My mind went wow! His vertebrae were protruding and also not in alignment left to right. His spine really was like a bumpy dirt road with twists. I also noticed he had some stretch marks. I thought this was an unusual place for stretch marks. He asked me to take a picture (thankfully because that means I have before pictures). I took one straight on and another from the side.
I do not often think of taking before and after images as one never knows if a shift will be noticeable.
I then continued with the forks on either side of his spine, giving extra attention to the “bumpy” areas. I could see his discs going into alignment. And just as I mentioned this to Caleb, He stated “wow, I can breathe now”. Up until then he had not mentioned any issue with his breathing.

I was experiencing wrist pain due to an injury I had. So his session was not very long, between 5-10 minutes. Because I could visibly see a difference I took after images as well. Upon showing Caleb was shocked( as was I honestly). So amazing to visually see his shift and alignment. 
He bent over several times and said he felt much better.

The next day I offered a second session, but he declined (typical as he chose to play his video game). I asked him to rate his level of intensity before his session, he stated 7.5 ( out of 10) and then to rate his level of intensity now. He stated 1.75 and then chose to round up to 2 after doing a bend or two. I took another picture of his back and WOW! I could see no distortion at all anymore. I then asked if he would bend over for a video. He consented. In the video, he beds with easy fully up and down and only then can I see the most protruded disc is only slightly out.

I am so grateful for tools for supporting my families’ wellness and for being able to offer these services to my world.

So can vibrational energy create alignment? My answer is YES!
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How To See God in the Details!

How To See God in the Details!
Hi Friend,

Today was Fast and Testimony meeting at my church. I love when we have this meeting. People share how their life has been blessed by God and often there is all those good feels emotionally, even though there are often tears.

I love taking notes even during this meeting as I often get some really cool ah ha’s. 

Today was filled with those gold nuggets.

Typically we have speakers assigned and their topics are fairly similar, themed you might say. Well that was the overall feel for today’s meeting although nothing was preplanned.

Our second testimony share was a brother who was told his trip would have miracles so he and he then proceeded to detail miracle after miracle on his trip and angel after angel who had helped him in some way. My thought at the close of his remarks was God is in the Details, and wrote this in my journal.
The next speaker shared a scripture about how every blessing comes from living the law attached to that blessing. We can basically have any blessing we choose if we live the requirements for having that blessing, This spoke law of Attraction to me. I had fun sharing this with a visual with my family about how if we are on one level, think like the floors in an elevator, but we want the next level up, then we need to do the things to reach the next level up. If we are held back at a level, something requires being cleared out before we can move to the next level.

Then another person spoke and asked us to play a game, so here is the game, play it with me. Look around you, wherever you are(unless you are driving) and notice all the red things, got it? Then close your eyes.
Now tell me all the blue things you saw.

 I loved this because he tied it into the first speaker’s share on his miracles and how because he was looking for his miracles, he could see them. If he was looking for something else, he may have missed them all.

So What are you focused on? And are you doing the things to acquire your outcomes?

Happy Sabbath Day,
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Raindrop Return Demo Success!

Hi Friend,

Steps to be Certified in Raindrop Technique has been more of a process than I anticipated, and I am enjoying every moment. 

After playing at completing my practicum hours, offering Raindrops and Vita Flex session for a nominal fee for cover my cost of oils, which can be up to 250 drops per session, I travelled by driving with my husband to Barrie Ontario to complete  my return demo. 

Practicum happens after my initial training back in November 2021. I then have 2 years to complete my practice sessions and my return demo for certification. I am grateful for Isabelle for encouraging me to get my practice in for when she was going to Ontario, so we could be each other's practice person for our return demos. 

The day arrived on August 3, 2022. We were both nervous and feeling grateful to be there. Jasmine, our proctor is so sweet. She watches as we demonstrate our skills and leads us into perfecting our techniques where we require minor adjustments. My hands are affected by arthritis and, as a result, find a few of the moves more challenging. I can do them, with some modifications. 

While I was being demo person for Isabelle's presentation, we get a tornado warning for Barrie area on our phones. "Yikes, what do we do?"" Do we need to take shelter somewhere?" Jasmine tells they had a warning one week before as well, and one of the ladies who would be in the next three day trainings had her home destroyed and was living out of bins as her home is being repaired. ( hmmm, really, do we need to take shelter???).

Anyway we contact our partners and make a plan. Hubby is going to get a taxi to Jasmine as she has a cold room we can bunk in if needed. My head is down in the massage table cradle and I can't see what is happening. I am able to peek and see the weather doesn't seem to bad. I do  my prayer thing while I'm on the table(yup seems like a great time to get some divine help).
We continue with our session, there was no tornado, and weather improved, thankfully. This threw timing off big time for our return demos. There are typically timed at 2 hours to demo and teach each technique. 

Isabelle, passes with ease. Yay! So excited for you Isabelle, you will bless many people with your skills and your big heart.

My turn, I was able to make some adjustments as I was able to be there for Isabelle, presentation. I was nervous though as we were now late and I had never been in an area with a tornado warning before. Hubby has arrived and is sitting on the sofa waiting for my demo completion. 

Jasmine agreed that Vibration and Chromatic Raindrop would be great options for me as my hands struggle with a couple techniques. She said I would be able to take the classes she was offering the next three days. Yay!. I was hoping I would be able to since I was already there and instead of making another trip.

And Yes! I successfully completed my return demo as well. I am now Certified as Raindrop Technique Specialist. I now get to complete my online training as a Licensed Spiritual Healer(required by Canada to offer my service for a full fee). 
If you have not heard of or experienced Raindrop Technique, I invite you to do a little research. Essential OIls are dropped like rain onto your back and anointed on you with feathering like strokes. Vitaflex is used to anoint your feet and apply oils there first. The technique is very relaxing and many of my receivers drift off to sleep near the end. 

Are you local and Ready to book your session? you can do so here!

Benefits vary widely from person to person. 
What will your experience be?

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3 Ways to Deal with Triggering Situations

Tell me, has this happened to you?

Your day is going along just great, things are flowing with ease, you are feeling successful and in a great mood and then it happens...

Something happens to mess that all up! Your mood instantly changes, you get defensive or offended. 

What happened? Why did this happen?

This is called a TRIGGER POINT.  What is a trigger point you may ask. Well it is a point in time where your emotions and physical body say "Hey, we have been here before and this did not go so well."
We remember we created a story to cope with this situation. This story may actually not be serving us well. In fact, it is just made up because we did not process the situation in the moment. Then just like a file on a computer it got stored somewhere in our body system to deal with later. 

In comes our TRIGGER POINT. This is our body's way of saying "Hey, are we able to process this now?"
This happened to me recently when my 15 year old son decided to move in with his dad. Previously, my three older girls had done the same thing and I felt devastated. I still felt devastated, except this time I recognized my trigger, I chose to take action and process my trigger and now no longer feel triggered when I share with family about my son's choice. I mean, this stuff is powerful. I went from crying and anger to calm and clear in just two rounds of and AFT process. 

When we can recognize this is what is happening, then we can process it and create our new story or program that does serve us well.

So that is NUMBER 1, recognize your triggering situation. You can deal with it right then and there or make a note, on paper or in your phone, but make a note somewhere. 

Now that your are aware of your trigger the next step is to use a process or tool to help you reconcile your thoughts and feelings about your trigger.
Some tools I use are Aroma Freedom techniques ( these are my quickest tools for permanent results). Journaling, another great tool, however this takes more effort and time for me, and I enjoy quick and easy solutions. Another option is writing a letter to the person, vent it all out on paper, offering forgiveness and even forgive yourself, then destroy your letter in a safe and permanent way(paper shredder, woodstove, etc.)  NEVER give this letter to the person. This is for your eyes only! Another one that is great if you love nature, tell your situation to a tree, a big strong tree. Nature is so healing. 

So NUMBER 2, process your trigger point. 

Now notice if you still have any emotional charge when you think about your triggering situation?
If there is still a charge, repeat step 2, there may be something you have missed processing.

and the final step, NUMBER 3 is to create your new program, your new story. This looks a lot like an affirmation or decree. Generally they start with I AM statements, the keys being they are present tense. first person and personal. 

If you require help processing your trigger points, you can choose to book a one on one session with me here.
I quickly and easily help you move through your triggers and into your new stories with grace and ease.

Voting your victory in overcoming your triggers, so your days and full of grace and ease!

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Bring Forth Abundantly!

During my recent #gospelstudy I had  a really cool realization.
 I have been waking up before my family for quite a few years now. Since 2016. I used to be a night owl. I loved staying up late and sleeping in. So when I first received my prompting to wake up BEFORE my family, I was not on board. In fact I think I remember saying out loud “I don’t think so” . My rationale ~ I was finally going to be able to sleep in and extra ½ hour and now God( my Higher Power) was asking me to wake up earlier than I previously was getting up. I resisted for quite a while, however the prompting kept coming. I finally listened, almost as if I was agreeing to TEST in out, and prove Him wrong.
 I can now say I am so grateful, because my morning devotional time has become my most favorite time of my day. I receive so many gold nuggets of wisdom. I have improved my connection to my God and I feel more confident in what I share with my world, because I know I can back it up with gospel refences.
 I have been using a guided journal for most of this time and have adjusted and refined my process into a very specific process and this past year I was prompted into creating my guided journal Putting On MY Armor of God. 
 In today’s devotional time I was reading about Noah after the flood. So my "ah ha" was this. First, Adam and Eve were "Blessed"(not commanded) to multiply and replenish the earth. Noah was also given the same blessings and added into  "bring forth abundantly". 
Now growing up my understanding I was only ever taught this meant to “have children” however today I realized this also means in any area of our life. 
Multiply, Replenish and Bring  Forth Abundantly. WOW! You mean I can multiply my results? Yes! So How can I multiply my results? I can share with others! I am amplifying and multiplying my results by sharing my "ah ha's" with you. 
How can I replenish? Well, when I use up something(any resource) I can replace it, plant new, repair it. recycle it. OOHHH I love this. Imaging if for every tree cut down and used one was planted, or multiply that and plant 2 or 3. Yes Please!
 Bring forth abundantly, how can I do this? When I plant a seed, I receive multiple fruit.  When a Share my blessings with others, when I create art, when teach another, Yes Please!
 I hope this has somehow blessed you! Have a great day!
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I am have a number of  affiliates and by clicking the link(s) in my posts, I may receive an income from your doing so, thank you for your support! 

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