Are YOU Ready for an Upgrade?
After a few years of preparing, and an intense year of deep focus and practicing, I am now ready to offer mentoring as a service.

I have been preparing for this my whole life. I now feel ready to not just listen, but to hear. To not just look but to see. To not just know but to understand. To not just educate, but to move to action.

                        Are you ready to activate all your senses? Are you ready to achieve your goals?

Who Am I?

~ I am a Divine Daughter of God and I am here to help others find their self worth, achieve their goals, overcome their walls, find their life missions and be their best selves.
~I am a wife to the most amazing, strong, loving, hero of a man.
~ I am the mother to 6 of the most talented, generous, caring
children ranging in ages from 31– 13(2020), 2 boy and four girls.
 ~I am a grandmother to 6 energetic, loving, innocent grandchildren.
~ I am an ongoing student of life  and self mastery and personal growth
~I am a team leader and advocate for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.
What others are saying.....

...she made it a very comfortable relaxed session. Tammy has a way of making you feel very open and aware of how you are feeling. During my
session she was patient and her voice contributed to me opening up. I feel she took the time needed to let me move past some blocks I had and was very encouraging. I will be booking another time with her soon.
                                                                            Ebony N

When Tammy asked me if I would be a mentee, I said yes without hesitation. From past encounters and exchanges with Tammy, I knew that it would be a positive and beneficial experience. Her gentle wisdom, which I had observed, was confirmed during the mentoring program. Even better, I grew to appreciate her ability to empathize and truly understand where I was and where I wanted to be. The exercises and insights she provided were perfect stepping stones to help me reach and surpass my goal.
As a mentor, Tammy is compassionate and tactful, but even more important to me, she is absolutely trustworthy. When you are sharing pieces of your life or your insecurities you want to do so with complete trust, knowing they are in safe hands.
                                                                    Joy L
You are always building us up, as well as everyone else around you. You have so much have taught us so much. We love our boards, essential oils, following promptings, and so much more!
                                                                            S. Woods & S. Edwards

Why mentor with me?

~ I will teach you how to activate all your senses to speed up your results in achieving your goals
~ I will teach you tools to help you empower and give you the strength you need to break through your walls and supercharge your results
~I will teach you techniques to let go of things that are holding you back and getting in your way
~I will inspire you to take action!

Are you ready to set and reach your goals?

                                 Then let's get going on this, you're ready!

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