6 Lessons From God About Goal Achievement!
My mornings are my time I spend with my Higher Power, for me that is God.

Today's time brought some really great inspirations about God and goal achievements.

Some may ask " Does God really care about my goals?"
I suggest the answer is most definitely "YES!"

During my devotional time I was reading in Abraham, chapter 3, verses 11-20 and here is what came to me about my goals and God. This may not be in your book of scripture. That's okay, take what resonates for you.

Here are the lessons I remembered...

1. I can talk to God directly about my goals like I would talk to another person. Abraham talked face to face with God, just as he would another person. A mentor is like this, someone who has reached goals you have yet to achieve and is there for you. Of course, God accomplishes anything He desires to do, so He is the perfect mentor.

2. He (God) shared with Abraham all His creations. This was not to brag or be boastful, it was to show it can be done. So when a mentor is telling you of the goals they have reached, it is not to brag or be boastful, however it is to show you it can be done, they did it, you can too!

3. God multiplies our actions and results. Here God was referring to seed(children through generations) however creation is creation and if God has His hand in it , the actions & results will be multiplied.

4. There is always someone greater. Meaning, no matter where you are on your success and creative journey, there will always be someone to look up to as a mentor, who has reached the goal(s) you are taking action towards, and there will always be those not yet where you are, who you can mentor along the way. We support each other!

5. If it came into our heart, then our emotions are attached to our goal and if our emotions are attached, it is a heart centered righteous goal worthy of our success. If it is a head goal, it is just an idea with no personal connection, however when the heart is involved, there is emotional connection. Our reasons why we desire  our goal go up and so does our motivation to reach our goal. Know your reasons why! 


6. Satan, the adversary, has no power to stop my goal success, yes he, or others around you,  may try. However, angels will deliver us. All we require is asking for their(angels) assistance. 

So does God care about our goal success?

Absolutely YES!

Happy New Year 2022!

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