My Mentoring Take A Way ~Week 2
Hi Friend,

So I have shared my week 2 takeaways in other ways and I am just realizing I did not share via my blog, so here it is!

When we can see our value from past experiences, we can make new choice for our current situations.

This is why I use and love AFT, because I can connect with my past situations that cause my emotional response and clear my emotional charge from my past situation in such an easy and gentle way that the next time I am in a similar situation, I no longer experience my same emotional response.
This is huge!

Another take a way is We have our ability to believe our future into existence. This is another powerful tool.
Do you or I even fully understand how powerful?

Our brain is not biased, it will bring into existence whatever we focus on. So a great question for asking then becomes, what am I focused on? and another, Is this what I choose to focus on?

I hope you are enjoying these ah ha moments and asking yourself these questions.
I am excited to hear of your experience as you answer them and share with me. You can do so in comments below

If you recognize you have a block in your way or a situation that causes an emotional response for you, you can book your personal AFT session here

Have fun with these take a ways!
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