I am a person who does some things on a whim, spur of the moment, and other things I meticulously plan out.
As I go through my self improvement journey, I have been doing many things that our new to me. My newest adventure has been writing a book...well actually THREE books!

It has been on my bucket list, however never made it to my vision board. The things one my vision board are the things I am focused on right now! The ones that gets some daily attention, the ones I take steps to achieve. So, when the idea came to create my first book, it took me by surprise.

I co-host a morning Aroma Reset room on clubhouse with several other Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioners. We do this daily rotating mornings. I was not the host this particular morning, so I was able to flow through the reset. The first room cleared what was up for me (we do in two separate rooms, one right after the other) and in the second room nothing else was up for me to clear. As I flowed through the process, I received this incredible download that I should create a journal and everything that it should include. I took all my inspirations down immediately into my current journal (one I have been using for just over a year). Once the room was complete, I went right to play at creating my journal. I used a fabulous online FREE resource and had my journal together in four just days!

My journal is designed to empower you. You rate how empowered you feel at the beginning and again at the end. This allows you to see how powerful this tool is as you can feel and see the results immediately!
I include prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, questions, scriptures or other motivational reading or listening, a place for your inspirations, revelations and ah ha's. Also included is a place for action steps and my personal favorite- essential oils and decrees!

Ok, so my story doesn't end here...
The process was so easy, I decided to create a course to help others get published. That's right!  I then thought maybe others would appreciate this information too and received confirmation after doing an AFT session with a fellow practitioner-thanks Tania! 

In  my course I break the steps down into short videos, most under 5 minutes, with an over my shoulder view of the process. During the creation of my book, I was stuck on one thing when I created my book and purchased a much more expensive course, which did not answer my question. The course does have valuable information, however was not what I required to complete my publication of my book. I continued to research and found my answer. I have this all included in my course From Canva to KDP, which you can grab here, if publishing a book is on your list!

During the creation of my course I created my second published book another smaller guided journal, this one is for a 100 day Gratitude challenge focusing on daily gratitude and prayer. I plan to launch my challenge early in the new year!

My story is almost complete!

Just a couple of Sunday's ago, I did another clearing and was inspired with a children's book. This is a way to help children process their emotions through an Aroma Reset visually. Again the creation was super fast I started as soon as inspiration came. I had the book complete in the morning. Later in the day I had an idea for one more layout and added that. I then published and it went through early Monday. Typically a book takes 72 hours to go through the review process, this one however went live early Monday evening, before my Gratitude journal went live!

So who knew I would be a published author? I feel amazing being able to hold books I wrote and published in my hands.

If you stuck around to the end of this long post, thanks, you rock! You are my people! You get inspired because other take action and succeed.

What are you now inspired to take action on? Do you have a book you would like to get published?
I can help with that!

Maybe you would like to grab a copy of one, or maybe all of my books- you can check out how here.

Have a great day!
Feel empowered everyday!
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